Naglfar 3

The following document is an iteration accessible to your clearance level. Information present in the previous iteration is colored gray.

Item#: XXXX
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX, upon completion, and all associated entities are to be integrated into the Foundation naval command, specifically for use and in accordance with Project Midgard; this iteration of SCP-XXXX's document will likewise become accessible to personnel with Level 1/XXXX clearance.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an incomplete Norse longship assembled from small shards of keratin, held together via unknown means. The scale of the ship itself is far larger than any standard Viking longship, at roughly 4 kilometers long. However, SCP-XXXX seems to have been built for the use of average-sized humanoids, though with enough rooms and capabilities to operate as an oversea headquarters.

SCP-XXXX is slowly gaining keratinous mass in order to complete itself; its total completion is expected on ██/██/██. It is currently attaining this from the untrimmed fingernails and toenails of the dead.

SCP-XXXX exists simultaneously across all nine Yggdrasilian realities. As such, its destruction can only be attained via simultaneous actions applied in each realm.

SCP-XXXX-1 is an archway integrated into the ship's deck, 500 meters wide and 200 meters high, and constructed in a similar fashion to the rest of SCP-XXXX. SCP-XXXX-1 represents an intersection between the Norse realms of Helheim and Midgard, and the overlap between the two realms within SCP-XXXX-1 is increasing at a proportional rate to the assembly of SCP-XXXX. SCP-XXXX-1 is expected to allow for the complete overlap of Helheim into Midgard upon the completion of SCP-XXXX.

Upon the completion of SCP-XXXX, according to recovered texts, SCP-XXXX-1 will connect to Helheim, allowing entities from the realm to enter into Midgard via SCP-XXXX-1. This will most likely include millions or even billions of Jötnar-Class and Helheim-based entities, primed for immediate warfare1.

Addendum XXXX.2: On ██/██/██, O5-7 travelled to SCP-XXXX alone. At the order of O5-7, a small aperture into Helheim was generated onboard SCP-XXXX's brig using a Trans-Universal Passage Apparatus (TUPA).


[Aperture opens into Helheim. Technicians step away from the TUPA.]

O5-7: That will be it, you can all leave now.

Dr. Arthur Smeissof: Um, sir-

O5-7: That's an order.

[All other personnel exit the brig, leaving O5-7 alone. He remains standing in front of the aperture until approximately three minutes later.]

O5-7: Welcome to Midgard, friend.

[An unknown entity enters the brig through the aperture. Figure appears to be a Jötnar-Class entity, several feet taller than O5-7. Subject is mostly humanoid in appearance, with light blue skin and white hair and beard. Subject also wears armor, consistent with the style of 10th-century Vikings.]

Entity: You. I remember you.

O5-7: Oh, good. We don't have to go with the awkward introductions then.

Entity: Why are you here?

O5-7: Straight to business? No time for talking?

Entity: The less words you speak, the better.

[O5-7 laughs.]

O5-7: I have an idea that might help us both.

[Silence for a few seconds.]

Entity: Speak.

O5-7: Ragnarok is underway. The Naglfar will be completed soon. Now, you want a war. Fine. But my people-

Entity: Your people?

[The entity steps toward O5-7.]

Entity: We are your people. This is your ship. Have you really forgotten who you are? What your destiny is?

O5-7: I have not forgotten who I am. In fact, what I am proposing is because of who I am. Now, the folks I'm with, they don't want the humans to find out about what's going on. But you want a war, which obviously goes against that. But, I think we can compromise.

Entity: Explain.

O5-7: We join forces. The ship, the army, all enters our command structure. We keep Ragnarok under wraps, nobody else in Midgard needs to know about what's going on. In return, not only will we not try to stop you, we can provide help against the Æsir.

Entity: And why do we need help from the inhabitants of Midgard? Why would they even be a threat? And why would I give up command of my ship?

O5-7: Our ship, as you very well know. And you underestimate the armies of Midgard. A lot has changed since you were last here. Trust me when I say that even if you were to win a war against the humans, it wouldn't be free.

Entity: You've grown soft.

[O5-7 steps towards the entity.]

O5-7: Make no mistake, I have not grown soft. I have indeed developed a sentiment for Midgard. But when the time comes, you and I both shall ride the Naglfar into combat, leading not only our army, but the army of the Foundation into battle. Do not accuse me of weakness.

Entity: The armies of Midgard will not fare well with our own.

O5-7: Oh, trust me. This army has more steel in their bones than you might think.

[The entity chuckles softly.]

Entity: Really?

O5-7: I have captured a thousand gods with the Foundation, and slaughtered dozens more. Cernunnos is dead. Rán has fallen. Even Hell itself - that Christian circle, of course - has succumbed.

Entity: And you seriously expect me to keel over to them?

O5-7: Perhaps you have forgotten your destiny. I am equal to you, once the Naglfar is assembled. I make this request out of courtesy, nothing more. I hope you have at least enough memory to know not to antagonize me.

[Silence for several seconds.]

Entity: This would require great risk, of course. Do they know who you are? What you've planned?

O5-7: They don't need to. I'll keep all this low-key for now. I'll be sure to throw in a couple red herrings, keep all the lessers satisfied. They love their world-ending stuff, and besides, the best way to trick anyone is to trick them with the truth. If they want to destroy it, that's fine; I can pull a few strings, keep that new department from authorizing anything drastic.

Entity: Hmm…

O5-7: Look, I've told you the benefits. And if the humans really are as weak as you claim them to be, then leaving their command wouldn't be an issue for you.

Entity: Well, I see Midgard has strengthened your words, at least.

O5-7: So you're in agreement then?

[Silence for a few seconds.]

Entity: Reluctantly. You are clever, I know that much. I do not trust you. But this may very well be in our best interest.

O5-7: I'll begin preparations then.

Entity: Be warned. If you have lied to me, I will not hesitate to rip your tongue from your face. I wonder how you'd stand against any army without your greatest weapon.

[Entity steps through the aperture into Helheim. TUPA deactivates, severing connection.]


At the bequest of O5-7, the O5 Council voted in favor of discreetly designating SCP-XXXX as a Yesod-class anomaly. See Special Containment Procedures for updates on SCP-XXXX's containment status.

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