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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is cordoned off from public access. All civilians who had previously activated SCP-XXXX-1 are to be located and amnesticized. Personnel with recent1 knowledge of their deceased relatives are exempt from being assigned to SCP-XXXX.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a crematorium of unclear historical background, located in Natrona, WY, United States. Several instances of a potentially anomalous phenomenon involving SCP-XXXX in Natrona have been made a point of interest by the preceding administration (see Addendum XXXX-1).

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    SCP-XXXX was re-designated as a point of interest by the SCP Foundation after several individuals were insistent that they had witnessed a paranormal sighting in Natrona, WY, on 03/08/2003. This phenomenon was similar to a document archived by the American Secure Containment Initiative (ASCI).2

    American Secure Containment Initiative Document, circa 1901

    Item Number: 34-2214

    Classification Type: Unexplained Event

    ASCI Protocol for Containment: Due to Event 34-2214's root in surrounding folklore, no active measures have been implemented.

    Description: Event 34-2214 is an anomalous event that takes place in Natrona, WY, the United States of America. Event 34-2214 occurs with no discernable pattern. According to reports, individuals hear a distant human voice. Accounts contradict each other in terms of who the voice belongs to.

    Subject One: Mr. Bernard Rockwell
    Date: 03/25/1901
    Testimony: A soft "Hi". Claimed the voice to belong to a male in his twenties.

    Subject Two: Mrs. Vickers Trown
    Date: 06/08/1901
    Testimony: A faint "Mom?". Mrs. Vickers Trown claimed the voice belonged to a male adolescent.
    Note: Mr. Edgar Dugario, unrelated to Mrs. Trown, was discovered in a state of distress in his own residence. (See conclusion)

    Subject Three: Mrs. Carla Trevorson
    Date: 09/07/1901
    Testimony: Claimed to have heard the word "Lonely". Mrs. Trevorson believes that this voice belonged to a female in her senior years.
    Note: Mr. Kenneth Ford, who is unrelated to Mrs. Trevorson, was discovered in a state of distress in his home and had rejected all interrogation attempts. (See conclusion)


    1) Who these voices belong to is unknown.
    2) The significance of individuals such as Mr. Ford and Mr. Dugario is unknown. However, a common consistency between these individuals is the recent (ie. less than two weeks ago) death of at least one family member.1
    3) Another consistency is their refusal to look at the sky, and utterance of several phrases such as: "Not what I asked for.", and other terms with similar meanings.

    1: Of note, no records of their funerals were found.


    Place of interest.

    Nota Bene: On 11/09/1902, during a patrol of the premises, agent Paul Teskers noticed an unknown individual exhibiting erratic behavior. The individual entered the place of interest. A sign at the front door reads:

    A Place to Rest, to Send

    Free to all

    Agent Paul Teskers testified that the individual threw an unknown object into the cremation chamber, which was switched on at that time. Agent Paul Teskers continued to surveil the individual before detainment and interrogation, where they were identified as Mrs. █████.

    [BEGIN LOG.]
    Teskers: Ma'am.
    [Mrs. █████ remains silent. Agt. Teskers snaps his fingers.]
    Teskers: Ma'am?
    Mrs. █████: Y- yes? O- oh. Yes.
    Teskers: You are not in any sort of trouble, ma'am. We just want to ask some questions.
    Mrs. █████: Yes.
    Teskers: Okay. How, er, did you find this place?
    Mrs. █████: By chance.
    [Mrs. █████ remains silent.]
    Teskers: Is… is that it?
    Mrs. █████: What more do you want?
    Teskers: I need to know what you did here. What did you put into that cremation chamber?
    Mrs. █████: The one thing that I must sacrifice before they arrive. But, I… I don't think I've gained anything.
    Teskers: Who are "they"?
    [Mrs. █████ hesitates to speak, and mutters.]
    Mrs. █████: They- they must not get my jewels. No. Not them.
    Teskers: Ma'am?
    Mrs. █████: T- the ones who will bend our will to the ways of their twisted, cult ideology. No more. No more.
    Teskers: …alright. Back to the original question: what did you actually put into that chamber?
    Mrs. █████: Do you have a family?
    Teskers: That's… that's none of your concern, I'm afraid. I'm sorry ma'am, but at this rate, I could charge you with obstruction in investigations. You need to tell me what you did back there.
    [Mrs. █████ fidgets, and mutters.]
    Mrs. █████: Lost it.
    Teskers: Sorry?
    Mrs. █████: I… I lost it.
    Teskers: What do you mean by that? You threw something in there. I'm fairly sure you didn't "lose" it.
    [Mrs. █████ remains silent.]
    Mrs. █████: C- could you… take care of my jewels?
    Teskers: Jewels?
    [Mrs. █████ bites her lower lip. She looks down, and smiles.]
    Mrs. █████: Yes. I… I want my jewels safe, away from them. Th- they're in my house. Keep them with you. Keep them until those wretched beings are gone.
    Teskers: I would need more clarification on what these "jewels" mean.
    [Mrs. █████ remains silent.]
    Teskers: Ma'am?
    [Mrs. █████ grits her teeth.]
    Mrs. █████: Don't come back to this place. Destroy it. Whatever. Just…
    [Mrs. █████ begins to sob.]
    Mrs. █████: Please.
    [END LOG.]

    Mrs. █████ refused to continue with the interview. As per protocol, Mrs. █████ was administered Class-A amnesiacs and released. However, Mrs. █████ was later deemed missing on the same day.

    Agent Paul Teskers reported two bodies: one adolescent male with two stab wounds, and one adult male, slit at the throat. Both were situated in the bedroom of Mrs. █████'s residence. The body of the adult male was on the bed, while that of the adolescent was on the floor, face-down, with his left arm outstretched to the front.

    Within Mrs. █████'s residence, agent Paul Teskers discovered an illustration, presumably by Mrs. █████. The back of the illustration read:


    At this point, the agent had testified that he had heard faint gurgling and giggles, similar to that of a newborn child.

    The American Secure Containment Initiative is to monitor all individuals who have exhibited signs of emotional distress, including Mr. Dugario and Mr. Ford. The aforementioned place of interest is to be decommissioned immediately until further notice.

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