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The stillness of the night is interrupted by a soft hum. The fans drone on as you open your laptop. The aroma of dark coffee strikes your nose as you take a sip of your mug.

Though the night is quiet, your mind is anything but. It speeds past, hopping from thought to thought like a ravenous animal set upon its next meal. Such is life. Such is the mind. And just like that, it jumps.

You click through a few sites, before searching for a few keywords. Opening a friend's profile briefly, before closing it. Then opening it again. Then shutting it once more, swearing never to open it again. You know you'll probably break that promise; you've never been too good at keeping them to yourself. What you are searching for shows almost no social media presence - seems like not many cared. Preposterous, your mind declares. It's awfully wordy for such a strange beast.

A small groan can be heard from the bed as someone briefly stirs. You take a quick look at the one who lays in it, curled up in the blankets. They're sweet. You're happy to be spending your time with them. You'd have it no other way, but you quickly cast these thoughts aside. Your computer rings, signifying it has performed its duty. You take another sip of your drink. You will need it.

The screen glows before you, its light gently snaring your eyes, an angler luring you to your doom.

But doom it does not hold.

Rather, a relatively simple warning, one you've long come to expect, seeing as you've spent your time reading long-since declassified documents recently.

You begin to read. What you read is painful. Or rather, the memories it returns are. A key is tossed in your head, for these worries shall bother you no more.

And in the stillness of the night, as if a bell tolled truth;

All is normal.
All is quiet.
All is fine.

Except for you.

This is official documentation of the SCP Foundation.

It is true you may not be aware of our organization's mission.

By consensus of the O5 Council, we have decided to release our entire system of files.

All is detailed below.
Who we are. What we have done. What we ought not to have done.

We have many regrets.
We would like to atone, but we understand if we are unallowed to.

For context, we suggest you start here.


The link leads to a file entitled SCP-001.

001 seems to be the start.

You think to yourself. It is best to begin at the beginning, no?

Unless that beginning is someone's end.

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