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A neuron stimulated by SCP-001's effects.

Containment Class: Uncontainable

Object Class: Event

Special Containment Procedures: The origin of SCP-001 is to be determined. The effects of SCP-001 on the cranial ventromedial area are currently being determined. No invasive procedures are to be confirmed without express permission of both the Ethics Committee and the O5 Council.

Description: SCP-001 is an event of unknown extraterrestrial origin that impacted the entirety of the human populace, occurring on 2021/05/07.

Long-term effects of SCP-001 are as of yet unknown, though a series of short-term symptoms have been determined:

  • Increased neuroelectric activity.
  • Development of increased neural pathways in the frontal, temporal, and parietal lobes of the brain.
  • Increased presence of astrocytes.
  • increased activity in the ventromedial prefrontal cortex.

Despite this, no averse effects have been found. These effects increase proportionally dependent on the amount of SCP-001 entities that are within a fifty meter radius. MRI and CT scans are currently being performed to determine any further effects of SCP-001. The origin of SCP-001 is currently being determined.



    • _

    It all starts to make sense.

    It comes together.

    Satisfyingly. For the good of the people.

    That was why it was done.

    Despite it being outside forces that influenced you directly, you resign yourself. Perhaps it's decent to let go for once. Learn.

      • _

      A point was made. A loneliness was felt. A flute solemnly sighed its swan song amongst the ears of the masses.

      Innocent art, an innocent heart, producing a new start for all.

        • _

        And so too, like ripples in the water, did it affect those around it. And that was okay.

        You dare not let your past win.

        Altruism wasn't always your strong point.

        But perhaps it'll be a bit more important now.

        And in the stillness of the night, as if the wind whispered the howls of the white light, you accept who you are now.

tldr alien being from long long ago implanted moral centers in humans that required high levels of person to person contact to keep effective
foundation higher ups accidentally stumble upon a pool of stimulant/pheromone for this center (like how sugar stimulates dopamine production)
and they're like
tldr tldr tldr

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