do it from Drei's POV the whole time — edit the thing to focus solely on him, so once we get a flip to him talking with 001, it serves as actual TIGHTNESS.

You can have drei mention his familial life and stuff. he needs character building that way.

triangulation stuff can stay the same — pretty much knock off indy/amy things.
doing this here so that i can save the old version, for her.

It's why I did this at all. It's why I continue to do this.

Don't forget that. Don't forget about her. Don't forget about how she makes you feel — alive.

No matter how dark it is. You smile. You do it for her.

No matter what comes your way — no matter how anxious and worried you feel about what she thinks. You do it for her.

You live your life and you keep going, because of her.

You hope for her.

Don't you dare forget that, future self. Don't you fucking dare.

You're a kid — but you're older. You've got one more year on you. Want is want and love is love — nothing juvenile about it.

You do it for her, and you pray she feels the same.

all the same, up til emails — replace that with a bit of comms between drei + o5s; mention 'coming back,' and have them talk about it (read: coerce him into it)

at that point — mostly it can be the same. knock down on the sheer amount of Drei POV logs, because you're going to focus on him, and what he feels about it. 3 or 4 should be your sweet spot — hell, have Drei present the deets instead of carlyle, so this becomes purely about two things only; Drei -> o5s/work/loss, and -1 -> star.

desc -> triangulation -> reception of initial signal -> foundation doing great. -> leads them to rush the testing of pilot's abilities, they miss a small mishap and that leads to death of pilot -> picking of drei -> drei refuses; is convinced to come on after some nudging -> drei does a lil investigation, we get a hint that foundation is overall starting to turn -> drei presents findings as cohort study concludes -> deal with the SH -> ASTRAIOS -> drei is picked to actually lead the mission -> begrudgingly okays it after ASTRAIOS was shown to be pretty safe overall -> -1/drei

drei/o5s ending, then wrap it up with the cycle prot.

it feels short, but maybe that's for the better.
DEFO cut down on the monologue. that shit is LONG.

she is your star. you smile for her. she smiles too, so you can do it as well.

you WILL improve this as much as possible. that is your job.

you WILL take it to kaktus and kirby, possibly more. you WILL spend as much time as needed to refine this — but it MUST be done by august's end, otherwise it is too late.

The man's stomach felt like static, and his mind was a grumbling gyre of biblical proportions. The world was not the same as it once was. For the snowy-haired, five-o-clock-shadowed, groaning man, this was not the first time that sentence would have applied. Not that he would have acknowledged it — the empty space left behind, the photos on the wall of the staircase that no longer belonged to him, the stack of packages belonging to another were all stinging reminders of it. Though it had been some time, he was too afraid of what laid within those boxes to open them. So there they sat — never ordered by him, never to be touched, never to be opened.

Laying awake at night was a new hobby. Upon the shutters of his eyes closing, what they would open to was far more terrifying than any terrible occasion he had worked on. It was all a stubborn, stubborn reminder, and despite his bulky form, he was too afraid of closing his eyes.

If he did — the gyre would twist and turn, would froth and rage and quake, and his neurons would jump from topic to topic, threading conspiratorial lines between it and everything else. This smell? This show? This book? This climate? This bird, tweeting happily outside? All of it. And that would only cause the static to increase tenfold in some cruel feedback loop.

Now — the man was awake, not counting down the time until he'd no longer have the ability to enter REM sleep, but browsing his computer. Click. Click. Right-click. Click. What he had downloading would typically not be found on such an insecure thing such as this little device, but that had changed some time back. He hoped what was in here allow him to rest a little easier. Bring back some happier memories — god, why would he even say that? The vast majority of people are living happier. Such a stupid remark.

But the man was tough, whether he liked to admit it or not. So he simply made himself a pot of coffee, nothing too strong, just a light medium roast with two teaspoons of sugar and a smidge of milk, and got to reading. The first page was almost as jarring as the coffee.

This is official documentation of the SCP Foundation.

It is true you may not be aware of our organization's mission.

By consensus of the O5 Council, we have decided to release our entire system of files.

All is detailed below.
Who we are. What we have done. What we ought not to have done.

For the reason why, we suggest you start here.


The man pressed on. What else could he do?

Everything was alright. Everything was better. Everything was ok.

Except for him.

And in the stillness of the night, as if a bell tolled truth, the man clicked forward. It was best to begin at the beginning, no?

That would typically be true, he nodded along. Unless that beginning happened to be something's end.

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