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A neuron stimulated by SCP-001's effects.

Containment Class: Uncontainable

Object Class: Event

Archived Containment Procedures: The origin of SCP-001 is to be determined. The effects of SCP-001 on the cranial ventromedial area are currently being determined. No invasive procedures are to be confirmed without express permission of both the Ethics Committee and the O5 Council.

Updated Containment Procedures: Unnecessary.

Description: SCP-001 is a faster-than-light emission of Cherenkov radiation of unknown extraterrestrial origin that impacted the human populace working in governmental systems, occurring on 2021/05/07. Despite the lack of a medium in which this radiation could travel, it is theorized to have maintained its speed for the entirety of its transmission, and was otherwise undetectable.

Update: SCP-001 is responsible for the discontinuation of numerous Foundation containment efforts, as well as the recent institution of the CYCLE protocol. Refer to your Site Director to determine if your testing cycle has been discontinued.

Long-term effects of SCP-001 are as of yet unknown, though a series of short-term symptoms have been determined:

  • Increased neuroelectric activity.
  • Development of increased neural pathways in the frontal, temporal, and parietal lobes of the brain.
  • Increased presence of astrocytes.
  • increased activity in the ventromedial prefrontal cortex.

Despite this, no adverse effects have been found. These effects increase proportionally dependent on the amount of SCP-001 affected entities that are within a fifty meter radius, and will remain even if this radius is broken. MRI and CT scans are currently being performed to determine any further effects of SCP-001. The origin of SCP-001 is currently being determined, as is the extent of those affected.





SCP-001 was first discovered by SETI satellites located in the western United States. No further transmissions were received, though Foundation agents have ordered a majority of SETI and ESA receptors to focus on the approximate location of SCP-001. SCP-001, at the time, was incapable of being translated to any typical written code or language, though cipher efforts successfully translated SCP-001 to be a rough Russian message in Morse code. The method by which SCP-001's propagator learned either language is unknown. A rough translation is attached below.


The effects of SCP-001 were near-immediate. The Veil's integrity remained, due to the otherwise unnoticeable symptoms caused by SCP-001. A set of 33 personnel have volunteered for long-term viewing in a prospective cohort study to determine long-term effects. Upon volunteer request, the study was approved.

The affected entities displayed an arbitrary definition of 'governmental systems' — those working in the systems themselves were affected, as were pollsters, subjects who campaigned or ran for political office, or journalists who have interviewed one of the above categories.

SETI engineers were tasked with locating SCP-001's source guided by Foundation head researchers under guise of SCP-001 being a radio transmission received from deep space. Following approximately a month of work, the location of SCP-001's source was successfully triangulated.

And this. This is where it all started.

He knew it was a bunch of fucking bullshit, the above. Of course it is — it never starts off as 'totally alright,' does it? It's always trouble all the way down. That's the problem with the before-times; no one was clear with what they meant.

But this was before he was aware — the feeling had left him rather icky once he'd found out that his mind'd been altered, so perhaps learning a bit of context would assist him. This is the sort of thing he'd not have dreamed of getting clearance of beforehand — how tantalizing and almost taboo.

Following reception of SCP-001, initial site productivity sharply increased, more than doubling in the space of two to three weeks. Less interpersonal conflicts were noted on site, and morale was found to have increased as reported by a number of onsite surveys. Collaboration between sites and departments created a rapid shift to communications and travel being necessary.

At the request of the Foundation Archival department, similar, historically important events have been noted. Two such events are summarized below.

Artisans building the necropolis of Ramses III staged the first labor strike in history, complaining of insufficient and inconsistent grain rations. Current evidence suggests that this lack of grain was mainly due to corruption in the ruling class itself — Ramses III's rule had frequently forced delivery of these rations to be late in order to select and seize portions of the rations for his own house. In the seventh month of 1170 BCE, these artisans laid down their tools and refused to work, heading to the building of the Vizier in order to demand rations and early payment. Typically against supporting these artisans, the Vizier secured a partial payment for the workers after an in-person meeting with the local government authorities, in which a behavioral 'change' (which is not elaborated on) was noted. Soon after, the workers received a payment in full, as well as six months worth of rations upfront, and no payment was delayed again, grain or money.

Though not as spontaneous as the Egyptian example, the Chartist movement gained significant ground upon the publishing of the People's Charter. This marked a drastic change from the haphazard organization of Chartists, most of whom knew of each other in passing and were linked by pamphlets and newspapers. The majority began to rally around the charter, bringing its six demands to a petition that reached nearly 6 million signatures, a significant increase in British members of society interested in government. No large in-person attempts at contacting or changing those in power were made — rather, thoughts were exchanged via letter and publication. Of note is that this specific movement failed, and Parliament was changed fundamentally much later rather than immediately agreeing to Chartists' demands, though the movement's effects lingered in the populace.




Following efforts by SETI engineers, SCP-001's source's approximate position was determined to be near NGC 7371, located 40 million light-years away in the constellation of Pegasus. The exact location was unable to be determined - a variety of factors were theorized to cause this, such as:

  • The retrograde bulge of NGC 7371
  • The range of SCP-001
  • The size of SCP-001's source
  • Interference from nearby pulsaric bodies
  • Red shift indicating SCP-001's source moving away from NGC 7371 and Foundation sensory equipment
  • The source's inability to show up on infrared sensory equipment. The reason for this is currently unknown; it is theorized it may be a dead star or artificial structure.

SCP-001's source was registered on radio equipment; however, background emissions rendered its form similar to an amorphous spheroid. Further imagery is pending and possible invasive exploration attempts are currently being deliberated on.

"Deliberated on." Ha.


Due to the increase in productivity seen in most sites due to SCP-001's effects, immediate focus was placed onto possible explorations of NGC 7371. Extended periods of time were expected with a manned mission — due to this, crew selection and training has already begun. SCP-001's source is assumed to be small in size, and intergalactic travel constraints, such as supplies and travel time, have led to a crew size of 1 being finalized, assisted by an artificially intelligent guidance system, janus.aic. The method by which the crew's vessel will be transported to SCP-001's source is undetermined.

Currently, the crew member for RORY I is Foundation pilot Amadou Carlyle, chosen for dexterity, attitude, and voluntary spirit. Training for this mission is to begin in two weeks' time. Brief logs of these training sessions are attached below.

Session Number, Details Result
1: Physical Training Subject successfully completed strength and cardio training, showing no signs of a heart or respiratory defect. Stated "he had been training his whole life for this."
17: Emergency Egress Training Subject successfully repaired a model gas leak in Neutral Buoyancy Pool. Expressed immense satisfaction at doing so.
35: G-Force Training Subject successfully maintained consciousness at 8gs for extended periods of time. Expressed immense satisfaction.
51: Psychological Profile Subject displayed no concerning behavioral patterns. Subject did display necessity to keep human contact and communicate constantly — communication systems are to be placed onboard F.I.S. RORY and any future training modules.
76: Maneuverability Training Results not logged. View black box log below.


Carlyle: Alright, let's go at it. Let’s kick the tires and light the fires. Awaiting orders, Command.

Command: Alright, cleared for takeoff.

Carlyle: Remind me of the course again? Just for reassurance.

Command: Get your feet wet a bit, then return to base past the ridge there. Execute a number of high-g maneuvers midflight. If you black out, autopilot'll return you.

Carlyle: Thanks. All good on my end, Command. Beginning acceleration.

Command: Copy.

Carlyle: Easing, easing… We have liftoff. Landing gear retracting. Flight smooth. Climbing, climbing.

[Carlyle ascends to cruising altitude.]

Carlyle: Alright. And… we're good. Cruising over the blue. So — how're you, Command?

Command: I'm well, Carlyle. Yourself?

Carlyle: Great, as always. I'm just excited to be here.

Command: Your enthusiasm is refreshing.

Carlyle: It's a pleasure, as always, Command. Happy to hear you give a damn.

Command: Why wouldn't we?

Carlyle: Heh. Yeah.

[5 minutes of extraneous dialogue removed.]

Command: Carlyle. Fuel gauge is giving you what reading?

Carlyle: About 3 quarters, Command. Expected. Why?

Command: Receiving a nearly-empty warning.

Carlyle: Can't be right.

[Carlyle taps the fuel gauge.]

Carlyle: Nothing's stuck here. Y'sure it isn't an instrumental problem?

have foundation doing super quick! amazingly, yaddayaddayadda. lead into sideplot with aircraft fella doing a test run and dying via fuckup that's pointed towards -1, interspersed with cohort study.

o5 discussion -> vote.
testing procedure; have someone mention possible issue
test run with log; mention that it is in blackbox.
o5 post-discussion.

So there he is, his fears confirmed. They never told him why, but… going out in a blaze of glory was exactly how he'd imagined Carlyle to go. But it leaves him feeling a set of rather conflicting feelings. Stoic and raging. Raw and catatonic. Exactly how it was then.

His knees fail. His arms fail. His brain fails. His hands fail. He mouth fails. He is leaking everywhere. Everything fails. And he also fails.

It's the sort of thing you imagine happens to someone else. Never to yourself. But it happened to him. You can't plan for it. One moment, someone is there. The next they are not.

When that sort of death, not that romanticized specter carrying his farming implements, but that real, actual death enters, it is impossible to comprehend. Words cannot compare to the loss he feels — they have no right to aspire to.

So those packages. Maybe he still gets them, but keeps them. Just to pretend they're still around — the cancelling of it would be far too final. Kids' magazines, makeup catalogues, mall brochures, everything they would love that he would never be a part of.

Perhaps the worst was the first. Four days, five hours, and twenty minutes after. He'd paid attention to the seconds, but what difference did they make? They counted down to a great, big nothing. To shatter the silence, there was a ringing at the door. When he opened it, there was no one there. One package was sitting there however — she enjoyed to shop online.

And he opened it. And he failed again. A series of children's books, things he could not read that were there for the future. Clothes he would never grow into. School supplies he would never hold nor need. People do not need the best mechanical pencil, the one with the fish running up and down its cold shaft, when they are in the ground.

So maybe he sees them everywhere he looks. Maybe he hears them when they're not there, a phantom sort of noise attaching itself to his grief. Maybe he still buys them cookies, and protein powder, and picks them wild berries when he goes to walk into the woods, only to toss them over his shoulder when no one answers his sounds of triumph. And maybe he feels them again, when he is here.

But he would not allow himself to cry, no. It had only been a year. Many people get over it in that time. But he would never. He would not allow himself to.

So there he stood. The world moved on. But he should, would, could, did not. And the terrible thing he had realized?

The world would do the same again. And again. And continue to do so.

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