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Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be locked in an ordinary room that you would find in a suburban house. The room is to be outfitted with a computer with the latest, gaming computer parts, to influence SCP-XXXX to stay in containment. Parts of the computer are required to be updated and changed out once new products are released. SCP-XXXX must also be able to stream on this computer at all times, but since the Foundation cannot stop SCP-XXXX from fleeing the cell whilst hunting down subjects, he is to be allowed to stream to a private foundation site that is never accessed by anyone.

For SCP-XXXX to first become contained a trap was set up by Dr. █████ ██████, they required the use of D-Class personnel playing on the computer setup in the containment room. From this computer the D-Class personnel,
would watch SCP-XXXX's stream and leave, which allowed them to become SCP-XXXX-1, and eventually having them get hunted down by SCP-XXXX and getting killed which led to SCP-XXXX being lured into the containment room.

Because of the computer setup, SCP-XXXX was enticed to stay and is why computer parts must be kept updated so that the subject doesn't go back to its originating spot.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an unknown entity, but believed to be a humanoid with the current theory of its creation. There are no known features of SCP-XXXX because of the limited appearance, after observing pictures, the only features visible are the entities long hair that reaches just to the tip of its nose, and it's apparent humanoid head shape.

SCP-XXXX can only be observed from its original living space, on various streaming services (Such as Twitch, or Mixer). It is not known why SCP-XXXX decides to move between platforms, it is possible that SCP-XXXX is aware of current trends in media and is trying to stay on the most popular platforms. After previous attempts of locating SCP-XXXX, the object's originating location is still unknown.

It is extremely hard to find SCP-5182's broadcast in the streaming platform he is currently on, as SCP-5182 always has 0 viewers. SCP-5182's URL to the stream changes once a viewer starts to view it as well, making it even harder for multiple people to track down SCP-5182. Once someone starts viewing SCP-5128 broadcast, nothing unusual will happen and will appear like a normal broadcast, until the viewer leaves the stream. Once the viewer leaves it appears that SCP-5182 begins to "hunt" them, transforming the viewer into SCP-5182-1. SCP-5182 will always track down SCP-5182-1 into any game they play, and will always attempt to kill them in any means possible, whether it is a single-player game, or a multi-player game (Although it is proven to be significantly easier to ward off SCP-5182 in a single-player game as he becomes limited). During testing, subjects have reported that SCP-5182's name in game appears to be blank or void, while being visible as a generic name to other users. Once SCP-5182 kills SCP-5182-1 in-game, it appears SCP-5182 gathers more information about SCP-5182-1's location in the real world, until eventually, finding SCP-5182-1's exact location and killing them in any means necessary. While this entire hunting scenario is going on as well, SCP-5182 will be streaming it for any more viewers to come in and watch the stream, but if a new viewer does come in to watch the stream, the current SCP-5182-1 will return to normal, and SCP-5182's current trace and motivation will be lost and be switch to the new viewer, which will be labeled as SCP-5182-1 now.

If SCP-5182-1 decides to revisit the stream of SCP-5182 while being hunted, SCP-5182 will become immediately become aware of SCP-5182-1's presence and will slowly turn its head towards the camera, and the stream will end. It is unknown what happens after the broadcast ends, as no attempts by the Foundation have been tried to figure out what happens, in fears of a Containment Breach. It is exclaimed from an anonymous source, that an illusion technique is used on SCP-5182-1 to kill them, we believe it is possible to avert the attack because of this.

It is currently unknown how SCP-5182 can track down SCP-5182-1 and join in all the games, as well as find SCP-5182-1 location in the real world. The only currently known way to stop SCP-5182 is either to have another viewer take SCP-5182-1's current role as SCP-5182-1 or to defeat SCP-5182 in more games than SCP-5182 has defeated SCP-5182-1, this will deter SCP-5182, and make it angry, which is visible on the stream, by loud noises made by SCP-5182 and apparent desk banging.

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