Little Looking Ninja
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Item #: SCP-5189

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:SCP-5189 is currently uncontained, the foundation is unsure of whether SCP-5189 is dangerous enough or even annoying people enough to be contained.

Description:SCP-5189 is a little looking ninja, SCP-5189 is about 5’0”. SCP-5189 wears a black ninja costume with a red headband. SCP-5189 kills people in a way that no one would expect. He turns them inside out and will then eat their organs, intestines, and even their bones. Then the rest will just disappear out of this dimension and into another. SCP-5189 gets its name because he will steal peoples things and if they threaten SCP-5189, SCP-5189 will attack them and kill them.

SCP-5189 Incident
One night I researcher Jacob Hag, was coming from home from a long day of research at the SCP Foundation when i got a call from the SCP Foundation their call said." Jacob M Hagg, we have received an urgent message from site 81 and need you to come immediately". So i went back to Site 81 and when i got their they told me to go with a group of SCP Soldiers because there was an incident happening with a SCP. We flew in a helicopter for about an hour and when we landed there was a little cottage in the middle of no where. When we went in there everything was destroyed, Shelves, pictures, tables, chairs, couches. everything in the cottage was destroyed and no body was there. We went back to the SCP Foundation to figure out who this was and realized that there were other incidents just like this from SCP-5189. We were all on edge then groups of soldiers ready to take action in the next SCP-5189 incident.

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