Special Containment Procedures:

A furnished containment chamber has been assigned to SCP-5XXX in Site-119's Anomalous Humanoid Sector (AHS). In order to prevent any accidental injuries from being inflicted onto the anomaly, all furniture within the containment chamber has been raised by 1 meter. Foundation personnel trained in occupational therapy have also been tasked with assisting SCP-5XXX within containment, primarily aiding the anomaly in duties such as eating or cleaning. Personnel assigned to SCP-5XXX are prohibited from physically interacting with the entity. In the unlikely event that physical interaction is established with SCP-5XXX, affected individuals are to be transferred to a nearby on-site infirmary for treatment and evaluation of any anomalous inflictions.


SCP-5XXX is a humanoid entity of European descent, measuring 1.7 meters in height and 64 kilograms in weight. Public records recovered prior to SCP-5XXX's integration into Foundation custody indicate the entity's age at approximately 65 years. A prominent feature of SCP-5XXX's appearance is the discoloration of its pupils, indicative of its complete blindness.

SCP-5XXX has the ability to transfer SCP-5XXX-A onto human subjects through sustained physical contact. SCP-5XXX-A is a phenomenon which appears as a single, consistent hallucination. Additionally, subjects have reported that throughout this hallucination, all stimuli with the exception of visual information can be percieved. SCP-5XXX only needs several seconds to transfer SCP-5XXX-A, however, this phenomenon appears to last for several hours within subjects. Once SCP-5XXX-A has been completely percieved, instantaneous cognitive decline has been recorded within a majority of tested subjects, with a minor percentage of the remaining subjects undergoing induced mental derangement. How this phenomenon occurs remains under investigation.

Addendum 5XXX-1 — Discovery

Addendum 5XXX-2 — Exploration/Analysis

Addendum 5XXX-3 — Identification

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