Crit Copy-Pasties (Special)

If you need help, please take a look at the following links:
(Popular SCP Foundation Tropes from A-Z)
(How Not to Walk Your Dog: Poor Pacing in the SCP Format)
('Things what do a thing'- An Essay On Anomalies That Are Things That Do A Thing)
(How To Write an SCP)
(Top Rated SCP Pages. Make sure you dont read anything under 1000 because most of the ones below 1000 aren't "acceptable" in today's SCPs. Remember, a good writer is a good reader!)

Finally, if you do make any changes to this concept, and you wish to continue looking for someone to either review it or greenlight it, I suggest going to this to find a Butterfly Squad member who can review this or greenlight it. You can also PM me (or, more preferably, use the IRC Chat) if you have any questions or concerns

Layout for Crit

Alright, so it seems like you're a bit confused on how to structure your concept. No worries! Heres my suggestion for the layout!

First Line: A one sentence summary of your concept itself.

Second Line: A one sentence summary for a narrative surrounding this SCP.

Third Line: this can be the section of both how this anomaly is contained, and what it is. Make sure you do your homework, and try to stay clear but brief with only the neccesary details (you can expand by the request of a reviewer by replying to them.)

Fourth Line: This section can be solely dedicated to your narrative. Explain to reviewers these questions:
— What the narrative actually is (initial problem, rising action, climax, falling action, and conclusion)
— Why the Foundation would care, or be apart of this narrative.
— What feelings, emotions, or thoughts you want to leave behind after the reader reads the narrative itself.
— Why a reader would want to read the narrative, or how you will entice readers to care.
— Finally, how the narrative will be structured in your article (in the addendums, or through the description or even containment procedures themselves. Remember, keep if brief but concise.)

Fifth Line Any edits or changes you make to your concept, put them here so reviewers know you're listening! Remember, don't post a link to a sandbox. This is a concept review forum, not a draft one.

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