The Black Moon

Chat #: 1
Date Initiated: Unknown, appears to be older than all other entries.

Unknown 1: Begin the report.

Unknown 2: We killed off most of the active instances, but we found several signs of a dormant anomaly, as well as some active instances hiding in caves.

Unknown 1: Spread the seeds then. We don't want this to get out of control. Can't rule out the possibility of even our light not penetrating deep enough.

Unknown 2: Already done. I'm not sure how long it will take or if it will even hold. I'm going to stay here for now then.

Unknown 1: Understood. Remember, you'll always have a bed back here at home.

Unknown 2: I will. That is all I have to report.

Unknown 1: Your report has been logged. Thank you, Administrator.

Chat #: 2
Date Initiated: 11-May-1882

Unknown 1: Have the seeds held?

Unknown 2: Yes

Unknown 1: How about the anomaly? Has there been any resurgence of the active instances at all?

Unknown 2: There has. In recent years, it has started. The creeping crumpling of reality.

Unknown 1: Must the Black Moon Howl?

Unknown 2: No. The seeds have held and I am still strong. We don't need that here, not yet.

Unknown 1: So I take it that you have started it.

Unknown 2: Yes.

Unknown 1: Very well. The Black Moon will remain on standby for the time being. The O5s, however, will not tolerate another Lilanthorum.

Unknown 2: I understand. I will not fail.

Unknown 1: You better not. Your report has been logged. Thank you, Administrator.

Chat #: 3
Date Initiated: 23-December-1929

Unknown 1: Have the seeds grown?

Unknown 2: They have begun. They look to grow full and strong.

Unknown 1: And the anomaly?

Unknown 2: It has grown too, yes.

Unknown 1: Are you sure that the seeds will be enough?

Unknown 2: I have been here for so long and I have learned so much. Now, at my end, here and now, I have heard it.

Unknown 1: What?

Unknown 2: Despite all things, another moon is howling.

Unknown 1: What do you mean?

Unknown 1: Administrator, please clarify.

Unknown 1: Administrator, do you copy?

Unknown 1: Thank you for your service. The report has been logged.

To date, UIU Director J. Edgar Hoover remains the only individual to have the ability to interact with the left most screen of the anomaly. Although the screen can still be interacted with, only attempts made by Director Hoover will lead to the message log screen. Due to the gaps in between the chats, it suspected that some entries had been deleted prior to the object coming into the possession of the UIU.


Director Hoover: Are you loyal?

UIU Agent Hector Marquez: Of course sir.

Director Hoover: Good, good. Too many aren't. And it would be a shame to lose someone so capable.

UIU Agent Hector Marquez: Yes sir.

Director Hoover: I was your age so long ago, amid that sun. Have you seen it? The great big sun, hovering in the sky.

UIU Agent Hector Marquez: Of course I have sir.

Director Hoover: The sun represents our worries, our fears, our hate. And among that midnight sky, you can see just how small they all are.

UIU Agent Hector Marquez: Sir, are you OK?

Director Hoover: An interesting question. What is my name?

UIU Agent Hector Marquez: You are J. Edgar Hoover, Director of the Unusual Incidents Unit of the United States of America.

Director Hoover: I have so many names. They fly around my head, buzzing. I wasn't able to hear them before, but now its grown so loud. I am so tired, my friend, so tired. I lie awake at night all I can hear is a low whine. Do you hear the buzzing at night too?

UIU Agent Hector Marquez: I cannot say I have, sir.

Director Hoover: These long years have not been kind to me, have they? How long have you served, boy?

UIU Agent Hector Marquez: 12 years to the date, sir.

Director Hoover: An older one, eh? I want to tell you something. A story. Will you listen?

UIU Agent Hector Marquez: Of course, sir.

Director Hoover: Heh, do you really want to listen or are you humoring an old man? Tell me the truth, I don't mind.

UIU Agent Hector Marquez: I want to hear your story, sir.

Director Hoover: It was so long ago, oh so long ago. This earth was but a babe and the sun had not yet set upon our good doors. We were gods in our own right, above all things, and our kingdom was vast. But all good things come to an end. There we were, at the top. And then we were falling, fallling, faster yet faster, until…

[Director Hoover Pauses]

UIU Agent Hector Marquez: Sir?

Director Hoover: Until it all shattered…

[Director Hoover collapses onto the floor]

UIU Agent Hector Marquez: Director!

[Marquez bends down to help Director Hoover]

UIU Agent Hector Marquez: Sir, are you OK?

[Director Hoover clasps Agent Marquez's shoulder, crying]

Director Hoover: I love you all so much, my fated children. I love you all so very much. But the Black Moon is howling and I must once again leave.

UIU Agent Hector Marquez: Sir! Sir, are you ok?!

Director Hoover: [Yelling] Promise to me! Promise to me that we will step out! Promise to me that we will not die any longer within that darkness, denied the light that belongs to us!

UIU Agent Hector Marquez: S-sir, what do you mean?

Director Hoover: The Black Moon has been roused from its slumber. Now, it has begun to howl to warn all those around us of the arrival of divinity. So promise me: you will not hide away within a cave. You will stand up and you will fight. You will make the Black Moon howl in pain.

UIU Agent Hector Marquez: I-I promise.

Director Hoover: Thank you. Now, tell me, what is my name?

UIU Agent Hector Marquez: You are J. Edgar Hoover, th-

Director Hoover: No. That is not my name. What is it?

UIU Agent Hector Marquez: What?

Director Hoover: You know my story. Tell me my name.

UIU Agent Hector Marquez: You are- I don't- your name is J. Edgar Nobody, Adminstrator of the Unusual Incidents Foundation of the United States of America. That's not right, I'm loyal, I'm loyal, there are no eyes on me and the owls have stopped. Who are you?

Director Hoover: I'm sorry.


Closing Statement: Following this exchange, UIU Agent Hector Marquez was terminated. Director Hoover has yet to divulge the full meaning of the conversation.

This interview coincided with the sudden appearance of a large, roughly spherical object near the Saraswati supercluster, 3 billion light years away. Initially, the object was estimated to be have a radius of about 5 million light years, but similar to our solar system, the hologram is able to zoom in further. The 5 million radius appears to be be some sort of unknown field maintained by an object in the center, which is significantly smaller, estimated to be the size of the Earth. This object appears to violate the laws of relativity, approaching at about 50 million times the speed of light.

This object is considered uncontained and extremely dangerous.

The following message was recieved from UIU Object 000 directly after this event:

Chat #: 7
Date Initiated: 30-March-2018

Unknown 1: The Black Moon approaches.

The object is expected to reach earth in on 07/31/2019.

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