The End Of The Cycle

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Item#: XXXX
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:



Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX cannot conclude.

Description: SCP-XXXX is the designation for an ongoing End of Reality Scenario centered around Site-19.

SCP-XXXX's exact cause and properties are unclear; nonetheless, it is known that the scenario was produced by a seemingly unrelated anomaly during testing. An archived description can be found below.

Although almost no data remains of the final attempt at determining SCP-XXXX's properties, it is believed to have directly resulted in the ongoing End of Reality Scenario.

Addendum One — Video Log

Attached below is a description of the events which occurred directly after the final test with the previous iteration of SCP-XXXX. All events reported were recorded by camera footage.


[00:00] Testing with SCP-XXXX concludes. Numerous Foundation scientists appear perplexed or confused, with two noticeably shocked.

[00:03] An unidentified Foundation scientist attempts to enter SCP-XXXX's containment unit. A security guard on the premises attempts to stop them.

[00:06] A struggle ensues, which ultimately results in the unidentified individual overpowering the guard.

[00:12] Despite the guard's best efforts, the scientist successfully opens SCP-XXXX's containment unit.

[00:13] SCP-XXXX violently explodes.

[00:14] Immediately, an implosion occurs where SCP-XXXX previously existed, pulling all nearby personnel and devices into its center. SCP-XXXX itself and its immediate surroundings cannot be observed from this point on.

[00:21] Emergency alert systems activate simultaneously across Site-19. Evacuation of all site personnel is declared.

[00:24] The locking mechanisms of numerous human/humanoid SCPs spontaneously release, resulting in approximately a dozen breaches. Two of these entities are Class-IV reality benders, which begin to attack the site.

[00:28] Numerous hallways in Site-19 begin to malform and distort. Some spatially intersect other hallways, but do not visibly collide. All glass violently shatters, injuring numerous personnel.

[00:32] Thaumatergic Reality Anchors (TRAs) across the site simultaneously activate upon detecting a massive failure of localized reality. All of these runes immediately fail and implode.

[00:37] An extra-dimensional spacial anomaly manifests over Site-19. All color within 23 kilometers begins to radically shift in hue and saturation.

[00:39] The radius of this effect begins to expand at a rate of one kilometer per second. On-site command sends a distress signal to all other Foundation sites.

[00:47] A shockwave expands throughout Site-19, before instantly reversing direction and imploding. Any reality-bending entities in the facility are pulled towards the epicenter, colliding with the nearest walls.

[00:51] All reality benders in the blast begin to fuse with the walls. All can be seen screaming, before perishing due to blunt trauma.


[01:04] Sector 18, Hallway 2, mid-reformation.

[01:02] Hallways directly outside the portion of Site-19 obliterated by SCP-XXXX elongate and distort rapidly to form concentric rings. Any scientists within these hallways perish instantly, being crushed by the walls.

[01:07] The extra-dimensional anomaly begins to merge with Site-19, and acquires a black coloration. It is the shape of a human hand.

[01:14] State of emergency is declared. All other sites begin ZK-Class Scenario preparations, and activate defensive measures.

[01:37] The extra-dimensional spatial anomaly completely intersects Site-19, and the center of SCP-XXXX. Simultaneous screaming is heard.

[01:38] All cameras within Site-19 cease broadcasting.


Since the incident, no communication from the interior of Site-19 had been received. As such, Mobile Task Force Epsilon-5 ("Pentacle") was permitted to enter.

Addendum Two — Exploration Log

Mobile Task Force Epsilon-5 ("Pentacle") is a Mobile Task Force comprised of personnel who have experience in dealing with large-scale anomalies which do not have internal consistency. Individuals were selected for their high CRVs, combat experience, and reliability.

DATE: July 26, 2020, Approx. 00:25 Local Time

PERSONNEL INVOLVED: Alpha (Team Captian); Bravo; Charlie; Delta; Echo

MISSION STATEMENT: Primary mission is to end SCP-XXXX. Secondary mission is to determine the source of SCP-XXXX. Tertiary mission is to identify personnel involved in the SCP-XXXX testing incident and determine the status of individuals within Site-19.


A shot of the landscape surrounding Site-19 is seen: the sky appears to be pulsating with red hues of varying intensity, and all structures beside Site-19's Building A are flattened. The spatial anomaly intersects the site, shifting positions slightly and changing height, and appears to "clutch" the structure. A noise not dissimilar to TV static plays faintly — whether this is a mechanical function of the recording device or a part of the anomaly is unclear.

As the camera approaches the structure, inconsistencies become apparent — the site is now approximately two-hundred meters taller in height, and many new portions are architecturally impossible. Additionally, large sections of the site appear to be fluid, and expand and contract in regular intervals, without changing composition or overall shape.

The transport helicopter lands, and Mobile Task Force Epsilon-5 is deposited at the edge of Site-19's exclusion zone. Alpha is first to exit, followed by Bravo, Echo, Delta, and Charlie. Alpha scouts the area momentarily, before locking their eyes with Site-19's building, and motioning for the rest of the team to follow.

The team continues in silence for the remainder of the trip, occasionally locating the bodies of deceased Foundation personnel. Upon entering within thirty-two meters of Site-19 Building A's entrance point, Alpha motions all to stop. Alpha proceeds to point towards Site-19's entrance, which directs the team's attention to it.

Alpha: Security systems may still be active. Stay alert.


[04:46] Third entrance to Site-19 Complex A.

The other members of the Task Force give various affirmatives, and the team moves towards the structure.

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