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Secure Containment Protocols: Unrestricted access to the object and its procedures is limited to only one person: the Director of the Unusual Incidents Unit.

Personnel who are being considered for recruitment into Project-UIU-000 must exhibit no signs of disloyalty and must show a history of excellent performance within the UIU. Personnel must be subject to the introductory memetic inoculations for at least three weeks prior to interacting with either this form or UIU Object 001. All personnel are to be screened weekly and subject to further memetic inoculations. Personnel displaying abnormally altered behaviors are to be immediately terminated.

All persons involved in any way with UIU Object 001 are not allowed to leave Area-000. The director of the Unusual Incidents Unit is the only exception to these procedures.

Digital copies of this file are to be held on a server network completely cut off from all other sources. Communication entering and leaving the facility are to be screened by specially selected members. All communication from outside sources must ultimately be brought and distributed by the Director.

A fake set of procedures are to be made available within the general UIU database. No mention of the actual properties of the object is to be made within the procedures.

UIU memeticists working on UIU Project 001 are to be isolated from all other personnel. All testing is to be done in a separate area of the facility, specially equipped to prevent breaches in data. Only the Director is allowed to travel between these facilities. All efforts of the memeticists should be focused on decoding and repurposing the symbols present on and within UIU Object 001. New inoculations made are to be immediately distributed to all personnel, excluding the Director.

Memetic plants are to be distributed within GOI-000 through any means necessary. Efforts should be focused on preventing said GOI from discovering any traces of UIU activity. All actions necessary continue the secrecy of the UIU's involvement are to be taken. Current actions taken include:

  • Cooperation in the containment and securing of anomalous phenomena when necessary
  • Intentional ignorance of GOI-000's involvement in the removing of agents and objects in the possession of the Unusual Incidents Unit
  • Intentional misrepresentation of the resources and skills of the Unusual Incidents Unit
  • Removal of all mentions of UIU Object 001's actual properties outside of the facility

Due to GOI-000's eclipse of the UIU in power, all former procedures dealing with the containment and prevention of the spread of the meme is to be isolated only to the dissemination of counter-memetics produced by the UIU.

Known Information: UIU Object 001 is a small rectangular prism 8 cm by 13 cm by 3 cm. The ventral side of the object has a small lens with a radius of .5 cm. On the dorsal side of the body, three symbols and a picture are carved into the metal. [DO THE THING] The symbols themselves resemble no known language.

When the object is activated, it will project a holographic display with two featureless screens, both of which take up half of the hologram.

When the right screen is selected, the initial interface will be replaced with a three dimensional holographic display of the observable universe from Earth's perspective. The user is able to control the display by using their arms to move around, zoom, and rotate the display. The object will deactivate if it's picked up or the person who activated it moves far enough away. This display has so far proven to be 100% accurate and updates in real time. Excluding our own solar system, the hologram is only able to zoom in as far as interstellar neighborhoods.

Object History: On 23-December-1929, a raid was conducted by the Bureau of Investigations on a warehouse suspected of being a mob hotspot. The raid instead revealed the presence GOI-000, who had been using the warehouse as a containment facility. During the raid, several guards engaged the raid team and soon a full on shootout ensued. The Bureau was able to either kill or subdue all assailants while only sustaining 2 casualties themselves. While some members escaped, the rest of the staff were successfully recovered and arrested. Several anomalous object, including UIU-Object-001, were recovered and taken into the Bureau's possession.

Approximately 2 months later, it was revealed half of the staff in the facility that housed UIU-Object-001 had been members of GOI-000. While the object was successfully defended from the following conflict, the UIU was founded in order to limit or halt the spread of GOI-000 and other anomalies.

Update: The symbols both on the object and in the interface have been shown to exhibit a subtle memetic effect which presents itself over the course of anywhere from 3 to 4 months, depending on the individual.

Initially, individuals lose the ability to express themselves emotionally and will have a tendency to be overly verbose. Alongside these symptoms, the subject will develop an obsession with the anomalous, researching possible anomalies then attempting to acquire and contain the anomalies.

Despite a lack of any communication, all documentation created by those under the effects of the meme will have the same format. All affected staff have been liquidated and the object has been restricted further. Counter-memetics are currently being researched.

J. Edgar Hoover possesses an immunity to the memetic affects of the object. The reasons for this are unknown, but are suspected to be related to his ability to access the object.

Update: 13 individuals who had previously been exposed to the meme escaped UIU capture on the 23-December-1929 raid and have assumed a role of leadership1 among other individuals who have been exposed to the meme. Using several phrases, these individuals have shown to be able spread the meme without the use of UIU-Object-001. Procedures on apprehending these indivduals have been made.2

Update: Utilizing altered variations of the symbols found in UIU Object 001, a memetic inoculation has been produced which serves as an immunization to the effects of the meme3 and allows individuals in the UIU limited accessibility to the object. Testing using the object has been resumed.

Note: These inoculations have proven to be effective in reducing the negative aspects of the meme when used on individuals already under the effects of the meme. With the idea of reducing the negatives effects in mind, inoculation-001-2140 was created and has shown to produce the opposite effect of the initial meme. Full dissemination of this counter meme within GOI 000 is currently underway.

Update: As of 2-May-1972, through the suspected use of several anomalies and previously existing influence, GOI-000, which collectively calls itself "The Foundation," has surpassed the UIU and several other similar organizations in funding and power. Due to the need for secrecy, full scale distributions of counter-memetics have replaced almost all previous efforts to inhibit the spread of the anomaly.


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