fragment:The Terminated

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Three guards are to patrol the perimeter around SCP-XXXX. No entry into SCP-XXXX is allowed.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a three-story building situated in ████, Tennessee. Its facilities have been vacated, with a rusted placard on its main entrance citing: "DECOMMISSIONED".

SCP-XXXX has been designated as a point of interest on 01/11/1995, when local law enforcement lost all communications with a team dispatched to the area. The reason for the deployment is unclear due to the lack of documents related to the incident.

In response to a potentially anomalous activity in SCP-XXXX, on 09/11/1995, MTF Rho-8 ("Flashba(ck)ngers") was dispatched to SCP-XXXX.

From the exploration log of the building, the interior is unkempt, with several balls of crumpled paper strewn across a hallway that spans the entire length of the building. This is lined with several exhibitions displaying clay replicas of characters featured in several movie projects on both sides. Several bullet casings are near some of the exhibitions.

A stairwell is situated on the right of the entrance where several tiles are dislodged from their initial placement. Progressing up the stairwell leads to a floor with large movie posters that cover most of the wall space. These posters are torn, and signs of mold are present. Six empty office cubicles are present at the center of the floor, arranged side-by-side. A portion of the wall at the northwest corner is charred black, with the remains of several Dell computers. Two oak wood doors are present to the right upon emerging from the stairwell, each with placards.

The placard on the door which is situated nearest to the stairwell reads "PROJECT". A wooden table with several roller chairs is present, as well as a whiteboard affixed to the left upon entry. The only words that can be read are notably:




A blueprint is tacked onto the wall opposite to the whiteboard, depicting a humanoid figure1 in a position identical to a "Vitruvian Man". A board is next to the blueprint, depicting a line graph, with its vertical and horizontal axes labeled as "SALES" and "YEAR" respectively. This line graph describes a general downward trend and terminates in 1983. Several streaks of brown liquid are seen across the graph.

The placard on the second door reads "CEO". A single oak wood table with a leather chair is situated behind it. Several crumpled balls of paper are present on the table, one of them being a list of portrait pictures. Most of these portraits are crossed out in red ink, except for 16 pictures2. However, one portrait picture is circled, with "COSTUME" written beside it. Multiple letters of resignation are wedged in between empty files on the desk.

Next to the desk is a waste bin. Apart from discarded pieces of paper, a burnt slip of paper depicts a series of failed transactions presumably between the owner of SCP-XXXX and ████████ ████ Metal Works Ltd, citing "INSUFFICIENT CREDIT".

Progressing down the stairwell on ground floor, a single broken fluorescent light is situated above a rusted metal door. Upon forced entry, the trail of dark liquid ends at two bodies situated on the left, slouching against the wall. Both of these bodies are nude3, with a portion of their head exposing a reddish-brown substance.

A faded circle is at the center of the floor, partially covered by large brown stains. A rusted gurney rests off-center within the circle. Two white tarps, stained, lay on this gurney. A portion of the tarp near the top of the gurney rises and falls at a steady rate.

After removing the tarp, a humanoid figure is present. Its structure and appearance resemble that of the skeletal system of a human subject, but appears to be completely mechanical in nature. Its limbs are motorized, with two pistons connected to a central Y-frame, bolted to its chest. A pungent, brown liquid continues to seep from its orifices in the mouth, nose, and eyes. The top of its head is partially damaged, revealing a hard yellow-white layer underneath.

The aforementioned humanoid figure has been transferred to Site-50 for further examination.

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