Exquisite Corpse Contest - Conprocs
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The willful submission to SCP-5XXX is required to fully comprehend or understand the anomaly. During this period, personnel will be unable to halt or resuscitate you in the event of total liquefication of any limbs or organs. By continuing, you acknowledge full responsibility for any harm that comes against your person. To access SCP-5XXX's documentation, please answer the following aloud:

The savior of Usin looks down disgracefully upon you. Are you regretful for the sins you have committed against him?

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    Item #: SCP-5XXX

    Object Class: Euclid

    Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5XXX is contained within a standard humanoid chamber. Security cameras posted on separate regions of the chamber are to continually monitor SCP-5XXX for possible indications of SCP-5XXX-β events. If discovered, these events are to be de-escalated with the usage of Foundation-approved noise-canceling headphones given to all personnel within a 50m radius of the chamber.

    Personnel who succumb to any SCP-5XXX-β events are to be immediately reclassified as Class-E. If they are unable to undergo basic memory-recovering therapies, or the usage of Foundation-approved mnestics is unsuccessful, containment or termination of these personnel is to be determined by Lead Researcher Carl Markus, in association with the Ethics Committee. If containment is applicable, personnel are to be detained for a period of at least 6 months before they are able to reintegrate into their previous positions.

    Due to the potentially fatal nature of the infohazard and its capacity to potentially instigate a Lifted Veil scenario, all mentions of the anomaly outside of its official documentation are strictly prohibited. Foundation webcrawler "ISO-I/O" is to continually monitor popular online platforms for any posts concerning SCP-5XXX. If any are discovered, automated Foundation programs are to immediately remove the offending post and flag the users responsible. Flagged users are to be recovered, interrogated, and reintegrated into the general public after a completed psychiatric evaluation and administration of Class C amnestics.

    Drago wishes to speak with you. Are you prepared to sacrifice your worthless life for his blessings?

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