Just Because They Bark Doesn't Always Mean They're Dogs
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Item #: SCP-5257

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5257 is currently uncontained and is under investigation by Containment Specialists to determine appropriate containment measures. All Foundation Sites are to continually monitor high clearance level personnel for signs of a potential SCP-5257 events.

Description: SCP-5257 refers to the cognitive anomaly that first manifested within Site-68 Director Amber J. Alice on 2012/05/23. Thus far, SCP-5257 has only been observed to have manifested completely once, although minor SCP-5257 events have been recorded at other sites.

SCP-5257 is characterized by causing severe lapses of judgment, declines in critical thinking, and issues with objective reasoning. Although the cause of SCP-5257 is unknown, it has been hypothesized that a combination of low workplace morale and the high-stress environment of Site-68 amplified SCP-5257's effect onto Amber J. Alice, as SCP-5257 has been observed to occur only within personnel that have filed request for time off and counselling recently. More specifically, the assumed involvement of workplace trauma1 prior to the SCP-5257 event is believed to have increased the severity of the SCP-5257 event. Whether or not SCP-5257 can be attributed as anomalous or merely an oversight of appropriate judgment remains under investigation; however, due to its sudden occurrence, it has been given appropriate classification until sufficiently proven otherwise.

Discovery: On 2012/05/23, Foundation personnel were initially alerted of the SCP-5257 event after receiving a request for 600 kg of Purina Beneful ████████ Dog Food2, followed afterward by the cancelation of several shipments of dry food and supplies per the request of Site Director Amber J. Alice. When inquired, Site Director Alice assured Foundation operatives that this was intentional, citing massive loss of Foundation personnel and the arrival of several new anomalies into Site-683 causing the sudden change in shipments.

After several days, Site-68 emergency programs reported a temporary total lockdown drill, initiated and approved by Site Director Amber J. Alice. The intended length of Site-68's drill was to last upwards of 14 hours; however, due to unforeseen communication errors in the Foundation network, the lockdown lasted several weeks until it was later deactivated by automated systems.

MTF-Epsilon 35 ("Cave Runners") was authorized to investigate Site-68 after the conclusion of its total lockdown. Upon investigation, MTF ε-35 reported a total of 256 dead personnel, suspected to have perished due to a combination of starvation, extreme dehydration, or unified consumption of [INFORMATION CORRUPTED] — each resulting in significant heart failure.

MTF ε-35 later discovered Site Director Alice in her office, sitting calmly at her desk. MTF ε-35 also reported several stockpiles of emergency sustenance that had been consumed nearby her position.4 When questioned, her only response was:

Slowly, we ran out of food. So the kitchen just began to mix what we had left after everyone began to act crazy. If they wanted to act like dogs, then they should eat like them too. It's only fair.

Site Director Alice was unresponsive for several hours following this interaction, assumingly caused by her shock and exhaustion due to succumbing to SCP-5257. Due to a lack of substantial proof, no disciplinary action has yet been authorized. Concluding this decision, Site Director Alice was temporarily removed from her post, subjected to several disclosed interviews before being put on leave. She has since been re-integrated into a newly designated Site-68, operating under her a slightly lower position.

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