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5/5092 LEVEL 5/5092
Item #: SCP-5092

Special Containment Procedures

Due to humanity's current physical and technological limitations, SCP-5092 cannot be contained. Foundation personnel who are monitoring SCP-5098 are to utilize the Event Horizon Telescope1 for continued observations. Foundation agents embedded in NASA are to document SCP-5092 for any discernible changes in behavior, pattern, or relative proximity to our solar system.

Foundation webcrawlers are to immediately remove all published images, videos, publications, or documents created by non-Foundation personnel. These events are characterized by brief periods where luminosity levels of the night sky increase to 100% before reverting to original estimations. If applicable, any subjects who witnessed these events are to be re-integrated into the general public following the use of Class C amnestics. If these events are witnessed by a group of subjects exceeding 100, a cover story concerning a "solar flare interacting with our atmosphere" is to be enforced.

In the event that SCP-5092 reaches an approximate distance of 30 million kilometers from our solar system, Protocol-987ALF2 is to be enacted. All Foundation directives following the execution of Protocol-987ALF2 are to be postponed indefinitely. If Protocol-987ALF2 is unsuccessful, and SCP-5092 reaches Earth, Foundation personnel are to prepare for a CK-class end-of-the-world scenario.



Three active instances of SCP-5092-A. The converging light patterns between SCP-5092-A instances indicate that each may contain separate fragments of the finalized encoded message.

SCP-5092 is a single indiscernible entity of an unknown capability currently in-transit to Earth. SCP-5092 has been last discovered near the Andromeda galaxy at the time of this writing. Although its current motivations for targeting Earth remains under investigation, SCP-5092 has been considered a threat to Foundation efforts worldwide.

Although all attempts at observing or perceiving SCP-5092 have been unsuccessful, current measurements for SCP-5092's mass has been estimated at approximately 1.188 × 10^30 kilograms due to its noticeable gravitational effects on other planetary bodies. How SCP-5092 continues to operate within the vacuum of space has become a top research priority. SCP-5092's appearance has been theorized to resemble traditional humanoids, with the exception of several additional appendages around its main body. SCP-5092 possesses the ability to condense and alter star matter using these appendages, subsequently causing SCP-5092-A events to occur.

SCP-5092-A is the designation of anomalous supernovae events occurring outside of the Andromeda galaxy. SCP-5092-A instances have the ability to emit photons instantaneously. Current theories behind this phenomena include SCP-5092's ability to displace light particles through the use of retrocausality or acausality. These irregular light patterns have been concluded to contain encoded messages which have been redirected towards Earth. All received messages from SCP-5092-A have not exceeded 75 characters.

SCP-5092-B instances are organic fragments of SCP-5092, which have been sent to Earth. These fragments can range from 20 to 45 meters, and as of 07/09/2034, only two instances have been discovered. Although more research is required to understand SCP-5092-B instances, it has been hypothesized that these fragments operate similarly to standard tracking devices.

Addendum 5092-1


On 06/23/2025, Foundation satellites recorded seven supernovae events within a 24 hour period near the outer regions of the Andromeda galaxy. Further investigation into these events revealed that these supernovae were SCP-5092-A instances.

After 2 weeks, Foundation personnel were successfully able to decrypt the transmitted message from the 7 SCP-5092-A instances. Once decrypted, artificial intelligence programs were then utilized to translate the original text. After one additional week, these programs were successfully able to translate the transmission, which has been attached below.


Image taken of SCP-5092-B1 shortly before Foundation satellite Plutoni HGQ-632 initially discovered the object.

On 07/23/2025 at approximately 4:23 P.M. EST, Foundation satellites reported two unknown astronomical objects breaching Earth's atmosphere. 20 minutes after early warning systems detected the two objects, Eye-witnesses reported SCP-5092-B1 impacting the coastal region of ████████████, California. 5 minutes after SCP-5092-B1's initial impact, SCP-5092-B2 was reported impacting ████████ in the United Kingdom.

MTF-Indi-6 ("Star Catchers") was mobilized to explore and document SCP-5092-B1. A transcript of their investigation can be found below.

Addendum 5092-2


On 09/13/2025, Foundation satellites recorded three more supernovae events within a 24 hour period. Further investigation into these events revealed that these supernovae were SCP-5092-A instances.

Foundation personnel were successfully able to decrypt the transmitted message from the three additional SCP-5092-A instances. Since this transmission, SCP-5092 has not been observed to move from its original location. Once decrypted, artificial intelligence programs were then utilized to translate the original text, which can be found below.

Continued observations of SCP-5092 has been set as a high priority. The use of Protocol-987ALF2 has been deemed as "pending" until SCP-5092 can be considered a major threat to humanity.

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