Gluttonous Soles

Item #: SCP-5346

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-5346 is an anomalous female humanoid characterized for its singular pair of oral cavities that are centralized between the entities two plantae1. Through these openings, SCP-5346 is able to eat, drink, and concisely communicate. Despise these abnormalities, and the absence of any oral openings within the anomaly's facial region, SCP-5346's anatomical structure remains consistent with standard humanoids.

Psychological evaluations of SCP-5346's mental disposition have reported unusual inconsistencies between itself and another unknown "personality," concluding that the anomaly suffers from a dissociative identity disorder. This personality, designated as SCP-5346-A, has the ability to manifest at any time, often in conjunction with SCP-53462. In order to communicate, SCP-5346-A will assume control of any available oral cavity, and will demanifest at its own discretion. The exact cause of this phenomenon remains under investigation.

Experiments involving SCP-5346 conclude the presence of distinct pheromones, which will emanate from the anomaly during interactions between itself and individuals. Personnel that have experienced these pheromones report feeling "calmer" or "happier" around SCP-5346. The effectiveness of these pheromones depends on the inflicted individual, with the only recorded correlation between this effect and humans being its significantly stronger impact on males. Whether or not these pheromones are triggered through natural or anomalous means remains unknown.

SCP-5346's diet consists primarily of organic, plant-based foods. The exact specifications of SCP-5346's diet remains unknown; however, the anomaly has been observed to display carnivorous tendencies, consistent with standard organisms of similar body proportions. SCP-5346's ingestion rate and capacity far exceeds its relative size and mass, which has also been attributed as anomalous.

Addendum 5346-1: Interview

Interviewer: Jr. Researcher Mark Leytwain

Interviewed: SCP-5346, SCP-5346-A

Opening Statement: SCP-5346 was provided a customized chair in order to accommodate for its communicative incompacity and to allow researchers to directly observe the anomaly.


Leytwain: Good evening, SCP-5346.

SCP-5346: Aw, what's with all them numbers? Just call me Helen, okay?

Leytwain: That would go against protocol. [Researcher Leytwain pauses.] Are you ready to begin the interview?

SCP-5346: Aw come on, does it have to be like that? [SCP-5346-A momentarily pauses. She briefly frowns after Researcher Leytwain provides no response.] Ah, all right, fine. Gimme just a moment…

[SCP-5346 moves itself towards the opposite foot. Once it reaches a close proximity, SCP-5346 uses its five digits to quickly stroke along the outside of the opposite foot's sole.]

SCP-5346: 'Ey, Martha, wake up! We got a young man who needs to speak with us.

[After SCP-5346's interaction, the opposite foot begins to slowly shake and shudder. After another moment, SCP-5346-A manifests entirely.]

SCP-5346-A: Okay, okay. I'm awake. [SCP-5346-A softly grunts, stretching its muscles before facing Researcher Leytwain.] Hi, yes — apologizes if I look like a mess. How can we, uh, help you?

[Researcher Leytwain shifts uncomfortably in his chair.]

Leytwain: I'm here to ask you a few questions. Whenever you're ready, please tell me a little about how you go through your day. Does life feel more difficult, with your… situation?

SCP-5346: [SCP-5346 scoffs loudly.] Like ya wouldn't believe it! Y'know how hard it is to live in a world like this? Where everybody either eats above the tables or never has to worry about getting dirt and toe-jam on their tongues? It's awful!

[SCP-5346-A begins to slowly sway forwards and backwards in agreement with SCP-5346.]

SCP-5346-A: Its what happens when you live a privileged life! That's what I say, at least.

Leytwain: I assume then that this upsets both of you?

SCP-5346: Oh, but o' course! Martha, what do you think?

SCP-5346-A: [SCP-5346-A turns towards SCP-5346.] Well, of course it's a bit irritating. But, it's not all too bad! At least, from how I look at it.

[Researcher Leytwain appears visibly more calmer.]

Leytwain: I see. Which then leads me to my next question, [Researcher Leytwain turns over a piece of paper.] are there any foods or meals that you both enjoy? Our staff are having a hard time grasping your particular… preferences.

SCP-5346-A: Oh, of course! Helen, tell him about our new diet!

SCP-5346: Right! We're currently trying this "Fruitiarian" diet that we saw online or whateva', and it's been just the greatest. We've been feeling so much better since we started!

[SCP-5346 and SCP-5346-A simultaneously nod.]

Leytwain: Interesting. Does that mean you eat other foods as well?

SCP-5346-A: Oh yes, most definitely. We eat veggies, fruits, dairy. Just about everything on the food pyramid, I reckon. All though, we've been holding off on protein and whatnot until we feel more… confident.

[SCP-5346-A quickly glances at Researcher Leytwain before attempting a smile. Leytwain moves his chair closer to the table.]

Leytwain: Confident? What do you mean?

SCP-5346: Body confidence! We're trying to get back in shape. After all, it's hard to be attractive when you don't look like everybody else. [SCP-5346 emits a small chuckle.]

SCP-5346-A: You understand, don't you sir?

Leytwain: [Researcher Leytwain attempts a smile.] Of course. Attractivness goes a very long way sometimes.

[SCP-5346 quickly nods in agreement with Researcher Leytwain.]

Leytwain: Well… unless you both have anything else to add, that's all I really needed for today. Thank you again, SCP-5346.


Closing Statement: Following the conclusion of the interview, it was discovered that Jr. Researcher Leytwain began to midly succumb to SCP-5346's pheromones. Reseacher Leytwain was later admitted into the on-site infirmary for treatment, with no signs of any severe side effects from SCP-5346.

Addendum 5346-2: Experimentation

Experiment N° Date Food Item Involved Personnel Additional Notes
# # # Jr. Researcher Leytwain #
# # # # #
# # # Jr. Researcher Leytwain #
# # # Jr. Researcher Leytwain #
# # # Jr. Researcher Leytwain #
# # # # #
# # # Jr. Researcher Leytwain #
# # # Jr. Researcher Leytwain Incident Report XXXX-1.

Researchers Note:

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