The Woman and the Sleeping Bells

Item #: SCP-5442

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: can't be contained, disprove all of the instances, blah-blah-blah.

Description: SCP-5442 is an incorporeal entity that manifests after a subject, who has actively engaged in homicide with an intent to kill another human being, wakes from REM sleep. SCP-5442 is characterized as completely black, with an exception of its eyes and teeth which are noticeable white. SCP-5442's proportions suggest an aptitude for scaling vertical surfaces, with long, pointed limbs that allow for agile and flexible movements. SCP-5442 is also equipped with two bracelets attached near the lower portions of its legs, both of which contain a series of bells that it utilizes to wake its targets.

Once SCP-5442's target becomes aware of its presence,

Addendum 5442-1: Discovery. find out that it exists, who it affects, maybe two logs? Initial discovery and then experiments?

Addendum 5442-1: Revelation. Maybe interview? fuck I don't know

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