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Item#: 4687
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Special Containment Procedures: All photographic evidence of SCP-4687 outside of Foundation custody is to be discredited. MTF Beta-5 ("Paparazzi") is to be dispatched to detain all sources and administer Class-A amnestics.

Description: SCP-4687 is an anomalous feature of the human masticatory muscles, present within 10% of the global population that allows the alleviation of excess stress. An SCP-4687-𝛂 event is a phenomenon that frequently occurs in workplaces1.

Through CCTV recordings, it is noted that a subject dislocates their jaw by exerting a force greater than the tensile capacity of the masseter, temporalis, medial pterygoid, and lateral pterygoid muscles, or alternatively, yawning for prolonged periods of time. After dislocation, SCP-4687 is considered "unlocked", with the subject granted the ability to open their mouth to a maximum angle of 180 degrees before isolating themselves in unpopulated areas as part of an instinctive response to an abnormal occurrence.

Subsequently, the subject's body contorts with their eyes rolled back, tearing the maxilla, inferior oblique, superior, lateral, and inferior recti, causing blindness. The subject's chest bloats and depresses in an indiscernible pattern, damaging the pectoralis major and the serratus anterior. These movements transition to the throat, after which a pair of charred appendages will arch to both sides from the subject's oral cavity. These arms push on their shoulders, revealing a charred head with three orifices on its face (two on the upper half and the third on the bottom half). This entity removes any blood vessels fused to its back and head, often expressing signs of discomfort by emitting deep but audible groans. It proceeds to force the subject's body downwards, causing an unnatural compression on the trapezius muscles. This reveals an emaciated entity, designated as SCP-4687-𝛂-1.

After exiting, SCP-4687-𝛂-1 expresses relief and collapses in a fetal position, after which it rests for a period of 30 minutes2. SCP-4687-𝛂-1 does not display any sign of hostility to its surroundings, often ignoring any prompts to be roused3. SCP-4687-𝛂-1 then forcibly re-enters the subject's body by inserting its feet into the oral cavity before pulling the body over itself. Intermittent contortions and momentary deformations of the subject's body are observed during this phase until SCP-4687-𝛂-1 is entirely concealed. After re-entry, SCP-4687 is "locked", and the subject resumes non-anomalous operation with no noticeable discrepancies within their body, with the exception being increased levels of dopamine and DHEA4.

Addendum 4687.1: Considering the benefits, head researcher Dr. Hayden Risa has proposed that any Foundation employee (possessing SCP-4687) with a consistently low productivity rate is allowed to isolate themselves in a secluded room to perform SCP-4687-𝛂.

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