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Item#: 4687
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4687 is to be confined in an L5 locker in Site-87 at all times. Foundation webcrawlers are to remove any online posts containing SCP-4687-1. Any Foundation employee suspected of SCP-4687-1 influence is to isolate themselves in a room without any nearby recording or communication equipment while awaiting detainment.

Testing on SCP-4687 is forbidden.

Description: SCP-4687 is a Sony Cassette-Corder TCM-929. A strip of masking tape is pasted onto the back of SCP-4687, reading "Free, 1987" in black marker. A single tape cassette, hereby designated as SCP-4687-1, is within SCP-4687. When played, a distorted "synthwave" song can be heard.

Listening to SCP-4687-1 leads to increased levels of DHEA1, dopamine, and a drastic drop in metabolism. As such, all human subjects who are exposed2 to SCP-4687-1 exhibit general feelings of tranquility and reminiscence. These feelings gradually transition into reluctance to complete any given task.

Subsequently, subject tends to utilize any nearby laptops or mobile phones to record SCP-4687-1 and post it on social media platforms and/or through email.

When subject is exposed to SCP-4687-1 for a prolonged period of time, this results in an anomalous urge to dislocate their jaw by exerting a force greater than the tensile capacity of the masseter, temporalis, medial pterygoid, and lateral pterygoid muscles. Subjects often report a sense of relief or comfort during this process.

When this process is complete, a charred head with three orifices on its face (two on the upper half and the third on the bottom half) will emerge from the subject's oral cavity. The subject's body will contort before becoming limp. A pair of arms will then protrude from the same oral cavity. These arms arch to both sides and push the subject's shoulders downward. At this point, the subject's body will "deflate"3, revealing a malnourished4 and charred humanoid figure, designated as SCP-4687-2.

SCP-4687-2 is non-hostile towards personnel, and exhibits signs of lethargy at all times. The significance of this is under investigation.

Addendum 4687-1: SCP-4687 was discovered on 01/01/2021, at approximately 7:00 am, in [DATA EXPUNGED]'s living quarters in Site-87, with an instance of SCP-4687-2 slumped over the desk and SCP-4687 playing after [DATA EXPUNGED] failed to accomplish his tasks.

An incomplete letter of resignation was found on the desk. The handwriting began to gradually worsen to the point of illegibility. A single recurring sentence among unintelligible terms read: "I'M FREE" with several dark-yellow stains.

It had been confirmed that [DATA EXPUNGED] had uploaded multiple digitized SCP-4687-1 copies to both social media sites and emails to his colleagues. SCP-4687-2 had been detained in a standard humanoid chamber, and [DATA EXPUNGED]'s body incinerated.

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    Admin Department

    Please listen to the following audio and answer the following question.

    1. Have you been feeling exhausted?

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      Do you feel a tingling in the back of your throat?

      if you do, tell yourself it’s just the plague finally coming to snatch you from this toiling existence.

      Everything's fine. Don't worrydon't Worry. about it//.

      You're stressed, aren't you? Stressed, aren'tyouaren

      how many times have you made bad decisions?.
      how many times did youu want to fall to the deep end?., becaus of a rotten tooth thaat seeks to perpetuate your misery..?::'
      how many time s didd you want to just


      look, im tired too, so y not join us?

      just be yourself yourrself
      don't be afraidafraid let it all out out out out outoutout

      we're all dead inside just


      it's free here.


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