Fuck off, Moon

A single shining star
Crashing to the ground
It’s all because of you
Bottom text

The moon is in the sky
The moon is shining bright
Everyone likes the moon
I’ve never liked the moon

Object Class: Blank
SCP-0000 is human jealousy
It plagues everyone on this earth

The moon is full
The moon is shining in my face
The moon blinds my eyes
I want to blow up the moon

You can’t shine sun
I’m the fucking moon
And I ultimately steal your spotlight
Fuck you

Fuck the stars
Fuck the moon
Fuck the night
Bottom text

SCP-0000 is why people don’t like me
SCP-0000 is why the moon blinds me
The moon is jealous of me
The moon silences me

I will not be silenced
I will shine in the day
I will show the world my discoveries
Fuck off moon

My name is Epon Scarlett
Agent Epon Scarlett
Ignore otherwise
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