Funny how it turned out.

Alto Clef stumbled to a halt, nearly falling over as the stiches in his side throbbed with a vengeance. As his knees buckled, he rembeered just enough to fall sideways, and not land on the stolen revolver that seemed to be going off with the slightest touch.

Medics was never his field, even back in his Coalition days. Sure, he knew enough to keep his guts from spilling out in a pinch, but the medical department always had to redo his handiwork. And given that it was on the better side of two decades since he had so much as picked up a needle, he definitely had a nasty case of infection coming his way. He should get that looked at.

Clef laughed. It was midnight, and he was sitting in another fucking shell of another hallowed out midwestern city, his laugh echoing off for god knew what else to hear He was gonna get himself killed like this.

And still he laughed.

No one else had really found it that funny in the last couple of days, when heverything was going to hell. One or two recessions, oil prices dropping like stones, one diplomatic asassination later, and everyone was dead.

Forget Procedure 110-Montauk. Forget the deer, or the destroyer from Jupiter, or the Void Singularity. Hell, even the Sarkics and the Chaos Insurgency. All their power, and they never even got around to destroying the world. One nuclear war was all it took. Six months, and the world did to itself what every hostile anomaly in existence had been wanting to do since the dawn of time. And the Foundation couldn't do shit.

Clef remebered when it all went to shit between Iran and the States. One of the few times they were actually working with ORIA, trying to desecalte tensions before things crossed the point of no return. It didn't make a differnece. Both leaders knew what could happen with any one of the anomalous objects they signed over millions to protect. Both pressed the buttons anyways.

And now here he was, hiking his way to Yellewstone for… something. He wasn't sure. An email that had been circulating around in the last few days

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