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Hi! I'm Gadra. I am also an invader of the country of the Baguette and Wine, the France. I am here to translate articles from the French branch to SCP-INT so that they are published with the new SCP-International program of the English branch.
To introduce myself a little more personally, because you still have to introduce yourself to get sympathy; in real life my name is Dimitri (it's my third name, but the most used one so I use it everywhere), I am 15 years old and I live in Bordeaux.
I speak several languages (even if I have a lot of gaps), French, English, Spanish and Polish. I recently had the opportunity to register for Japanese courses that will start in January 2019, what I look forward to. And if not, I try to learn German (and honestly, it's not easy).
I think that's all for me, let's talk a little bit about you.

My current translations

Name Status
SCP-176-FR Not finished
SCP-081-FR Not finished
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