George The Friendly Ostrich

Item #: SCP-X

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-X is to be held in an outdoor containment zone and only brought inside during dangerous weather conditions1. SCP-X is to be provided adequate food and water to provide comfortable living conditions. All personnel with Level-2 clearance are permitted interaction with SCP-X.

Description: SCP-X is a male Struthio camelus2 weighing 115 kg and standing 2.3 meters in height. When an individual views SCP-X3, they will begin referring to SCP-X as "George". Individuals will begin recalling false memories of a pre-existing friendship with SCP-X. Case examples include the belief that SCP-X was a past coworker, the belief that SCP-X is the affected individual's brother, and the belief that SCP-X was the affected individual's childhood soccer coach.

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