Let Sleeping Demons Lie
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Item #: SCP-S

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All SCP-S instances are to be kept on operational standby in orbit around Earth. Research onto the exact details of its construction are currently underway.

Efforts to find other SCP-S instances are currently underway.

Description: SCP-S is a previously unknown array of kinetic bombardment stations in orbit around Earth. Each station utilizes altered Scranton Reality Anchors as ammunition instead of tungsten rods. This alteration would most likely cause the impact of this object to result in the sudden and significant decrease in humes in the area, along with the impact of the massive hume-dense object.

SCP-S was discovered when a previously unknown room in the basement of Site-37 was found during site expansion efforts. The room served as both an archive and launch room for all SCP-S instances. The room had suffered from significant fire damage, rendering most of the archives lost and the launch computers dysfunctional. However, enough documents were left intact to allow the Foundation to find the initial SCP-S instances and subsequently repair the launch terminal.

The recovered documents refer to SCP-S as the 'Seraphim Array,' sanctioned in 1928 and completed in 1935. The documents make reference to other projects being completed and even used within this time frame. Exact details of these other projects are unknown, but it is suspected that these projects had to do with the manipulation of humes.

The reasons for the construction of SCP-S is unknown. However, several documents make reference to an 'anomaly,' but never go into detail. Research into this anomaly is currently underway.

The terminal indicates that a total of 30 stations were created. Currently, 14 stations have been discovered. These stations have been repaired and are now apart of the Foundation arsenal.

Data found from terminals within SCP-S indicate that they have been used a total of 28 times, with impact points located across Europe and America.

Most of the points of impact have no notable properties, aside from a slightly elevated hume level. However, investigation of one site of impact, referred to as Area-S, located near Dunlap, Illinois, revealed a partially intact Foundation site buried beneath the ground. While much of the site was destroyed, many of the rooms and hallways were left intact. Much of the facility had been stripped of all electronic and mechanical, only leaving behind the structural skeleton.

An archive room was found to be found fully intact, most likely due to it being intentionally hidden. Due to the methods of archival at the time, however, only a single audio log was able to be recovered from the room. A transcript of its contents can be seen below.

Audio Log Transcript



Person A: Dialogue

Person B: Dialogue


Person A: Dialogue


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