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The history of djkaktus, or dark wizards or witch doctors, is rather complex, but by far the most famous are of the type that, when they are around, they will have to be watched and guarded lest they cause mischief.

Djkaktus is a common misconception, however. These creatures do not live with humans, nor do they use witchcraft, they are a different and often different breed. A djkaktus is a magical being of great power, but they are not the worst kind of witch doctor. A djkaktus wizard uses their magical skills to help others, often without them knowing it. It is thought that the power of a djkaktus wizard is derived from their powers over time. A djkaktus wizard often becomes a god among his fellow men, and as such is not in need of supervision.

A djkaktus wizard is a creature of considerable power, who makes large contributions to society while they live. Because of their high magical potential, a djkaktus wizard, being born early in life, is more likely to inherit high magical potentials than the average wizard, so will be more able to resist evil influences. Although not as strong in the magical disciplines, a djkaktus wizard may be able to utilize a number of magical objects, bewitch people to trust them, or cause great destruction. There are a variety of styles of djkaktus wizards, and each is as different as the person who creates and shapes them, though some may even be very powerful. Djkaktus have great spiritual power, but it can vary greatly between them. As such, they are usually kept secret by the wizards that create them.

Notable djkaktus wizards include the legendary Black Djoramu, who was a powerful djkaktus wizard with magical skills comparable to a sorcerer. Other notable masters are Shoggoth, who possessed the djkaktus intellect and magical powers, and Khel'jar, who is a djkaktus wizard who created a new kind of djkaktus known as a vampiric djklair. Djkaktus wizards have been known to appear in the form of small white clouds to intimidate enemies. A very large wizard of an unknown nature exists in the world of Tiamat.

Although djkaktus wizards wield great power, it is rarely they are in a commanding position and instead, as a result of their magic, they often serve as a servant to one of the deities within the Daedra Prince's realms.

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