Who is Henri?

Henri is a character I designed one night during the summer of 2017, on a whim for the sake of having an anartist character because I thought I should have one since I like anart as a concept. All he had was a name, a general appearance, and a personal aesthetic. I shared my art of him in #site19, and TaffetaTaffeta immediately concocted a backstory and personality for him that I loved.

I brought up Henri again in #site19 one night during the winter of 2017/18, and A Random DayA Random Day remembered my ridiculous, gaudy-as-hell anartist and came up with his own version of Henri; similar to Taffeta's, but also very, very distinctly different. I got the idea of making Henri into a character with a few limited "canon" traits with everything else, such as his personality, background, and anything else I never specified, open for anyone to fill in as they pleased to make their own version of Henri. On the flipside, I would never make my own characterization of Henri, and so he would be a character whose entire purpose was for other people to fill in the rest using a base that I created.

All in all, he's the logical conclusion of the collaborative spirit of the SCP wiki, in character form.

What is Henri?

The only three solidified aspects of Henri are as follows:

Where and when is Henri?

Anytime, anywhere. Henri has no set time period or location in terms of his existence. The original time period for Henri was the current day, but this is not set in stone.

Why is (this exercise about) Henri (a thing)?

Because I felt like it, I like it, and the concept of one person creating a base off of which others create is something that fits well with the collaborative nature of the site.

How is Henri (meant to be written)?

However you want. The purpose of this exercise of sorts is to come up with almost all of the characterization of a character, with a small amount of limitations to keep the character recognizable across different interpretations. The only limitation to this is that Henri needs to stay true to the three aspects listed above for a work to be part of this exercise.

This isn't to say that you can't write Henri and break any or all of those "rules." It's against the spirit and the rules of the wiki for me (or anyone) to say that everyone has to write Henri according to the "rules" I made for him. It wouldn't fit the intent of this exercise, is all.1

You can always ask me questions about Henri, but do be aware that I make it a point to avoid characterizing Henri too much by myself, so the answer to your question may simply be "I don't know, make something up." Your best bet may be just to ask other people who have written Henri, if you really want a solid answer to work off of. I have some art and other visual references for Henri's physical appearance, so if you'd like an image to work off of, I can show them to you.

Some suggestions:

  • There is no such thing as "too ridiculous." Henri is ridiculous. If you want Henri to do something ridiculous, write it.
  • Henri is trans and not straight, but if you don't have any experiences writing lgbt characters, I would heavily suggest not writing about those experiences for Henri. I'd also suggest consulting gay/bi/poly/pan (depending on how you're interpreting him) and trans people when writing him (which I'm always open to).

Works which are part of this exercise

Works that contain an interpretation of Henri, which fit under the "requirements" for this exercise.

Author Title Interpretation Creator2
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Other works about Henri

Any works that don't fulfill the "requirements" for this exercise, but are still about Henri in some form or fashion.

Author Title Interpretation Creator
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[[pic here of a waving Henri?]]

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