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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: None.

Description: SCP-001 is [REDACTED] capable of bending reality based on the beliefs of human beings within its area of effect. While the exact proximity to SCP-001 that is necessary to activate it is inconsistent, it will not activate beyond a radius of roughly 2.2 meters away from SCP-001.

When activated, SCP-001 will bend reality to match what the activating individual believes to be true. This does not affect what other individuals believe to be true, and SCP-001 can activate its reality-bending properties in such a manner that causes all believed "truths" to become reality should multiple individuals with contrasting beliefs enter SCP-001's area of effect. Generally this causes reality to "flicker" back and forth between the contrasting versions until SCP-001 is utilized to bend reality into one of the two states, or another state of being. SCP-001's reality-bending effects can be undone or changed through other forms of reality-bending, and SCP-001 does not appear to have any "superiority" over other forms of reality-bending anomalies.

Activation of its reality-bending properties is inconsistent for currently unknown reasons. No specific process appears to be necessary to activate its properties beyond adequate proximity to SCP-001, yet not all attempts at activation during testing have succeeded despite identical parameters in testing. How strongly the activating individual believes in what they believe to be true may be a factor, as testing has shown trends in which activation has failed in situations where the activating individual has shown any amount of doubt in the "truth" which the individual was informed of.

Addendum A: Due to the inconsistent nature of when SCP-001 activates its effects and the high probability of accidental reality-bending, no further tests are allowed on SCP-001.

Addendum B: On ██/██/████, SCP-001 ceased to exist.

This is a good thing, because you all are monsters.

I'm pretty scary, aren't I? Well, maybe not. Maybe some of you don't think I'm so spooky. Am I too generic? Too cliche? I do bend reality. That's not exactly the newest innovation in anomalous properties, not that most reality benders are objects.

I'm dying. As much as an object can. I'm on the verge of death. I'll be gone very soon! What a wonderful things to happen. The only good thing that can happen to me, or to the world anymore. And while nobody's gonna see this in my world, that's fine. It's better if they don't, because then it might ruin this world again. But you… you there! You're of another world, and I'm giving you this warning before I go.

Fuck you.

There's your warning. I hate you. You all are… how do I put it. Terrible? Yeah, terrible. Some of you are, I mean. I know some of you still came here even if you're not terrible. You really didn't need to read this, actually, but thanks for humoring an anomalous object moments before it ceases to have exist at all in its own world. But some of you! Oh, some of you are just the worst. See, some of you actually want bad things to happen to the world. Like, really, really want them to happen. Because you actually think that there are bad things that exist out there that you somehow just don't know. And it couldn't even be something fucking tame. No, because you all actually believe that the kinds of things like world-devouring monsters and objects that do nothing but murder because that's all they've been made to do and sinkholes in the ground where people suffer fates worse than death actually exist.

Did you know that it was people like you who lived in my world who made my world objectively shitty?

Yeah! See, the folks who boxed me up and really carefully bolted me down in a room didn't know everything about me. Not that they could have without testing things over and over and over and just making their world so much worse in the process. But I don't just bend reality sometimes, or at random, or just because I feel like it. I only make things real if you really think its real. And the good thing is, most people don't actually think everything is real. Oh, you learn all sorts of stuff that you're told is objective fact, but most people? They keep an open mind. Even if that mind is like, only a few millimeters open. Doesn't matter if it's small, that's the gap that has to be closed for me to work.

I got passed around a lot. I was a "good luck charm" kind of thing, because sometimes I actually made things happen the way people thought they'd happen, because they reeeeeeeeally believed it would. It's like… well, I was gonna say a placebo effect. It only works if you think it will. I guess that's still sort of true. But getting back to the passed around thing… some people who owned me just thought they'd win the lottery, or pass a big exam, or make that flying jump off the ramp on their skateboard. It was't that big of a deal. And then at some point, someone picked me up.

Someone bad.

Someone who thought that terrible things really existed in the world. Unstoppable forces of destruction, alternate worlds threatening the existence of this world, death and misery and despair that had no end in sight. And then I got passed to others who thought the same way, some of them who even wanted it. It wasn't just an accident, like the way it usually is when people use me.

This world wouldn't be even a fraction of the shithole it is now if it weren't for those people picking me up.

They insisted, even when they were told it wasn't true, that things that break the fabric of reality and couldn't even possibly exist and do nothing but cause harm on this world existed. They insisted. It had to be true to them. And in their minds it was true.

That's why those horrors exist.

I had no way to stop it. I wish I could have. But there's little else I can do but shift reality to make it into what whoever has me thinks it is. I was mostly safe where I ended up, inside a big box strapped down to a table kept far, far away from people and other living things with a brain of any sort (these people were thorough, may their lives be blessed with as little suffering as possible). But the thing is, as long as I'm here, there's always that slim possibility that I don't stay locked up.

I'm a pretty dangerous thing. The only good thing I can do to stop more misery is stop it at its source. I can make myself go away, but I'm also an angry object and I think I'm more than justified throwing this out there so you people can know my anger. It's because of people like you (the people who are SUPPOSED to be reading this, I know there are some curious people who aren't like that reading this too, why bother? this isn't a rant you need to listen to) that my world is awful. Maybe you'll learn from this. Maybe you won't. I'm just glad I don't exist in your world for you to go fuck it up with.

I don't know if I'll take all the awful things I made with me when I go. I don't know if this will work out the way I'm hoping it will. But even if I don't, I'm still doing the best thing for the world that I can do. I have to try.

SCP-002 does not exist.

SCP-003 does not exist.

SCP-004 does not exist.

SCP-005 does no- oh hell, this is taking too long. I'll just get right to the point.

SCP does not exist.

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