A new moon occurs during the orbit of the moon around the Earth, when the moon is positioned between the Earth and sun. The moon, which is usually visible due to the reflection of light from the sun, becomes darkened as the illuminated half of the moon faces away from the Earth.

Does the black moon howl?

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NOTE: These are works that either reference Ethics Committee Observers, the characters in New Moon tales, or are compatible (fully or partially) with the Mooniverse.

About the Observers

Observers are a secret subset of Ethics Committee. Although jokes and jabs float around about the presence of an Ethics Committee "watchdog" group, nobody has ever seriously suggested that such a group exists. Observers do exactly what their name suggests; they observe the Foundation, watching that the established ethical standards are not violated. Only Observers and their superiors are aware of their existence, as they are unknown even to other Ethics Committee personnel.

Observers are chosen from all levels of the Foundation, usually personnel who have worked at the Foundation for at least two years, appear to bond well with others, and have a spotless or near-spotless record (some infractions are considered "minor" enough not to be of much concern, and some even a sign of a potentially excellent Observer). The position is an entirely voluntary one; potential recruits who refuse the job are amnesticized to maintain secrecy, and those who accept do not relinquish their existing Foundation position. Because of this, Observers are either given less intensive official work unless deemed capable of handling such a workload, or are not expected to perform Observer-related duties beyond reporting ethical breaches. Some Observers, especially those will lower official workloads, will pursue leads in ethical breaches that they or other Observers have found, aiding the official Ethics Committee members in compiling information and evidence should action against personnel be necessary.

Overall, Observers function oddly in comparison to the rest of the Foundation. Because group coordination is expected out of Observers, they rely heavily on chat-based communication (through the Ethic Committee secure instant relay chat, or ECsirc) far more than any other Foundation department. The main Observer chatroom is filled at all times, but is relatively slow-moving; the heaviest chat usage happens between smaller groups of Observers, ranging from four to up to ten people, actively conversing and cooperating with one another.

Although professional in their work, Observers are all but encouraged to drop formalities with one another. Group chat rooms are known to be rather "un-professional" in their style of conversation. Group members usually become close friends, and jumping from one group to another due to difficulty bonding is not unheard of or looked down upon. Due to the stress that Observer duties leave on personnel, discussion with other Observers is used as a method to prevent burnout or breakdown. While the Ethics Committee has mental health professionals specifically meant for Observers, there is an understanding that it may not always be enough. Observers rely on other Observers in many ways, both professionally and personally, and that balance has kept the Observers and the Ethics Committee successful over the years.


Q: Can I write for New Moon?
A: Not really, since this is a tale series, not a canon. You can write derivative or universe-sharing works though. If you want to make a tale of yours work fully inside the New Moon universe, feel free to hit me up, and I'm totally down for collaborating on a bigger universe for works from other authors.

Q: Can I write something using the characters in New Moon?
A: Everything I write in the Mooniverse, including the characters, is free for anyone to use on the site. I would appreciate having a forum post or something that points out that the characters are from here, though. Also, tell me!

Q: Is reading the intro necessary? Or the supplements?
A: Not really, but the intro is short and you get some characterization from it. The supplements expand on events that are referenced but never fully explained, but they're not necessary to understand the series.

Q: Your writing is bad.
A: I know.

Q: Stop writing Ethics Committee employees as a bunch of shitposting idiots.
A: No.

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