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Clearance Level 1: Clearance
Containment Class: safe
Secondary Class: {$secondary-class}
Disruption Class: #/dark
Risk Class: #/notice

Special Containment Procedures: Agent Shoukoku will undergo a mandatory mental evaluation once every 14 days, with no greater than 17 days between evaluations, and a mandatory physical examination once every 30 days, with no greater than 35 days between examinations. Failure to report to either without notice from Agent Shoukoku within one hour of the scheduled time is to be treated as a Low Level Containment Breach. Agent Shoukoku is allowed to schedule these dates as convenient for himself.

Two consecutive failures to schedule an appointment in a timely manner1 will result in immediate mandatory mental evaluation and physical examination, and may result in recontainment based on previous containment procedures. Extenuating circumstances and effort made by Agent Shoukoku to avoid these circumstances will be considered in evaluation of reestablishing previous containment procedures.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an Ipomoea alba2 with a single white flower. The plant's stem is 1.2 cm long, creating the impression that the plant lacks a vine and instead has roots extending directly from the base of the flower. The flower is roughly 8 cm in diameter, with slight shrinkage of the petals recorded occasionally.

SCP-XXXX is currently located partially inside of Foundation Agent Daniel Shoukoku's right eye socket. The flower rests on the surface of Agent Shoukoku's face, and the root system has entangled with Agent Shoukoku's cranial blood vessels and severed optic nerve. SCP-XXXX's roots are able to take in nutrients through the blood vessels in an unknown manner, keeping the plant alive. Roots attached to the inside of the eye socket maintain socket shape, and act as an anchor in order to change the flower's direction in a limited range.

The roots are also capable of mimicking the optic nerve, taking in visual information and transmitting it to the brain. Agent Shoukoku has stated that vision through SCP-XXXX is indistinguishable from vision through his mundane, organic left eye. Unlike mundane moonflowers, SCP-XXXX does not bloom and close based on sunlight level, and will stay in bloom under Agent Shoukoku's control.

SCP-XXXX causes no significant physical discomfort to Agent Shoukoku. Consistent mental evaluations and physical examinations have been deemed necessary in order to ensure Agent Shoukoku's safety and the containment of SCP-XXXX. Removal has been deemed unnecessarily life-threatening due to SCP-XXXX's benign effects as well as the currently insufficient understanding of the entanglement of SCP-XXXX's root system with Agent Shoukoku's circulatory and nervous system. Removal may be reconsidered in the future.

Acquisition: Agent Shoukoku was involved in the covert containment of SCP-████, and sustained injuries to his face during capture. Due to extensive damage to the eyeball and surrounding musculature, an enucleation was performed. SCP-XXXX was found in a fully-formed state while Agent Shoukoku was in inpatient care during his recovery, despite daily inspection by Foundation medical staff as part of standard aftercare procedure. No foreign bodies were detected during these inspections, and surveillance cameras, room entry logs, and other records show no abnormal activity suggesting outside intervention. Traces of I. alba pollen were found within the air filtration system connected to the room in which Agent Shoukoku was kept, but it is unknown if the pollen originated from SCP-XXXX or from another specimen.

Addendum A: Partial sections of notable mental evaluation interviews with Agent Shoukoku are attached below.

Addendum B: A containment breach occurred on ██/██/████, in which Agent Shoukoku acted to aid recontainment. During the breach, Agent Shoukoku sustained facial injuries and SCP-XXXX's flower was severed from the vine. A physical evaluation of SCP-XXXX was conducted following medical attention, and Agent Shoukoku was interviewed to ensure his safety was not at risk. The following includes a section of the interview.

Addendum C: A flower bud has regrown from SCP-XXXX's severed stem, and is currently growing at a rate consistent with non-anomalous I. alba specimens. SCP-XXXX has been left uncovered in order to encourage further growth of the stem and avoid the flowering of SCP-XXXX inside of Agent Shoukoku's eye socket.

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