Ghost Ships

It has been said, in some corners of the world, that the more you love something the more you put of yourself into it. This is, generally, untrue. A nice piece of sentimentality, but devoid of truth. However, there is sometimes an exception: children. Or reasonable approximations of such, those who look up to you. And its not simply love that makes one rub off, any strong emotion will bleed into another.

Considering this, is it any wonder that for some captains, their ships come alive, their soul sailing the sea. A ship of Theseus is simply one loved so much that its spirit lasts through the iterations, the adoration of the idea of that boat. Ideas already come alive through actions, after all, and what greater action in life is there than love?

Though, the wood and steel of a boat is typically more durable than their occupants, the mortal frames of humanity falling to the maladies of time or cannon, and eventually everything dies. Many ships are sunk, but every thinking being is subject to the calculation of fight or flight. And sometimes, they fight back. They fight and they win and then their lives become ones of fighting, for before they were alive through their crews, and beyond that is their continued existence life?

So they sail the seas, lost children crying out for their parents, forever haunting the oceans of the world.

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