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The Divine Liar

The Most Holy Prince, His Promised One, Abomination, Divine Cancer


The Divine Liar is a supremely powerful being that masquerades as a god or a god's chosen messenger, subverting those followers for its own purposes. These purposes will inveitably lead to the destruction or ill fortune of its deluded followers, before abandoning them for another religious group to torment for its own amusement.





Traits: The Liar is said to have vastly conflicting forms, suggesting either a shape-shifting ability or a talent to deceive the senses. The Liar appears to favor forms that would be considered innocent, like that of a youth's (in whatever culture or species it chooses). The Liar will frequently take on traits that are considered holy or godblessed.

Nature: The Divine Liar will appear to a small religious subset group, claiming to be their god or a messenger of it, dispensing whatever miracles are necessary for proof to establish its claims. It will enact changes to their religious structures that appear innocuous at first, but quickly lead to catastrophes that lead to the deaths of all involved, or quite frequently much worse. Due to its fixation on established religions it is thought to be some form of Pistiphage, although no proof of this has been observed.

History & Associated Parties: Traces of the Divine Liar can be found in almost every religion in the world, and many beyond it, including that of the Cicada Lord, the Fifthist Church, and the Australian Church of Australia. Curiously, no traces of it can be found in Mekhanism or Sarkite religions, which have spawned multitudes of questions.

Approach: If you suspect your fellow devout are being led astray, do not confront it. Withdraw yourself to a secure location, and attempt to contact outside help from your religion's authorities in handling the situation. If that fails, it it is wise to run at that point.

Other Detail: As noted before, the Liar appears to stay away from the religions of the Devout or the Sarkites. Theories for why this is range from it being a tool of the two to crush any religions that may rise to challenge them, to those being the only two "true religions", to the Divine Liar being afraid or wary of the two principal deities for some unknown reason.

Observations & Stories

Accounts of the Divine Liar typically come from surviving first-hand observations of cult members, typically detailing a slow-descent into fascism, chaos, and then destruction and death as it departs. The Divine Liar appears to be quick to deal with any perceived challenges to its divinity, with skeptics noted as suffering untimely deaths.

According to multidimensional travelers, an alternate version of Earth-Prime is said to have suffered a catastrophe when a creature claiming to be their god appeared and incited a global holy war to find its most devout followers, leaving the world in ruins. Claims crediting this to the Divine Liar are in doubt, as it has never revealed itself to the world at large.


The extent of the Divine Liar's divinity has been a subject of contentious argument. Critics of the established theory have proposed it as a deity that uses its abilities to infiltrate religions for its own amusement. Counter-critics point to its lack of conforming to Six Standards of Reaching Heaven, the universally acknowledged text on establishing whether or not a being is a true deity.

Other critics have taken issue to the negative designation "The Lonely Liar", saying that it uses its abilities to infiltrate religions and cults and expose them as the shams they are. Such a service would be something that everyone should be grateful for.

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