GOI-786, "The Cult of the Gray Wolf"
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Guys I swear i'm not a furry

Welcome to the Cult of the Gray Wolf!

Now I know what you're thinking, but this is not that kind of cult. We're more like a business that has a goddess.

The goddess is our CEO. Let me explain: Our CEO can turn into a wolf and also control wolves.

We have three sub-companies: the bar, the pet store, and the daycare.

Hmm? No, we have never heard of Advance the Future

Unless you have any other questions, i'm going to give you the employee handbook.

Yes, I gave you the right book. The rules have been hidden in the paragraphs so you can't skim through it. Also if you get to the end you gain the ability to turn into a wolf on command.
Okay bye.

special thanks


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