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For years, the SCP Foundation has worked extensively to contain the anomalous things of this world, ensuring that the public does not become aware of them. But the SCP Foundation is not the only organization centered around anomalous activity. Friends, enemies, or in-between, each group has their own motivations.

This list is not meant to be canonical in any way; it's just a list. It's intended to be a tool for writers if they need it, and isn't technically "official" at all.

A lot of these GoIs are fairly popular, but several are also developing, rising, or just one-offs. One of the reasons for this list is to help point out or at least reference some of these GoIs, and possibly even develop a stronger writing base.

The following is a (so far) comprehensive list of these groups. If anything is missing from this list, or if you've made an article with one, feel free to update it!


This essay is divided into multiple smaller lists, for different types of GoIs.

Major Groups of Interest are those with both a tag and a GoI format.

Secondary Tagged Groups of Interest are those with a tag, but no GoI format.

Secondary Formatted Groups of Interest are those with no tag, but a GoI format.

Minor Groups of Interest are those with neither a tag nor a GoI format.

GoI Lists

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