Made in Heaven

5/001 LEVEL 5/001



Item #: SCP-001

Object Class: Safe


The elevator leading to SCP-001.

Special Containment Procedures: All predecessors are to be handled by their successors and delivered to SCP-001. Upon completion of the turnover and the re-establishment of the facade, SCP-001 is to be sealed over with concrete and all records of it are to be destroyed. It is expected that no successor ever visit SCP-001 more than once in their lifetime.

Description: SCP-001 is a mass grave located on Sublevel 27 of Overwatch Command. When a catalogued SCP or member of the Foundation is interred within SCP-001 , their position, privileges, and responsibilities will be automatically transferred to their successor. These properties make it crucial to the successful progression from each cycle of the facade to the next.

SCP-001 is accessible only by a single cargo elevator. Neither Sublevel 27 nor SCP-001 are marked on any blueprints of Overwatch Command. The age, depth, and origin of SCP-001 are indeterminable and irrelevant.

At this time, the previous cycle has ended. The new cycle has begun. Re-establishment of the facade is in progress.

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Entity Kill Confirmed Notes on Replacement
The Plague Doctor Vivisected him on his own table. I let him bleed out after he stopped saying anything useful. My predecessor's advancements in finding a cure were impressive. I do not know if I will be able to replicate them, but I will require plenty of cadavers to test on.
Able Tracked down Mr. Silence's coffin and brought it to Able's cell. When Able revived, he tried to destroy the coffin. It opened up to let Mr. Silence hug him before closing with both of them inside. With its former owner gone, the cube accepted me without incident. Likewise, I accept my new role as part of the facade.
The Hard-to-Kill Lizard Impossible to do so. Lucky for us that the lizard hates us, lest it think to warn our predecessors.
Lord Blackwood Fished the starfish out of its tank and tossed it in the incinerator. I picked out a sea slug to serve as my host and will complete the soul transfer ritual shortly. Though I don't look forward to underwater life, it must be done.
Moon Champion Sabotaged the thrusters of his cosmonaut suit to send him on a one-way trip into the Sun. The previous Moon Champion played his role too well and forgot his role in the facade. I will not fall under the same sway.
Doctor Spanko N/A As always, I shall continue to coordinate the actions of the actors within the Keter role. The code is secure. The facade shall be maintained.
The Black Rabbit Company Fleas carrying Australian myxomatosis were introduced into their cells via the air vents. Following their deaths, the Wizard was knocked unconscious and dumped into the on-site incinerator. The remnants of the Wizard were salvaged and its nanomaterials transplanted into a new host. The Marshall, Carter, and Dark entity has been contracted via proxies to create new Commandos; sub-par leporine genetic stock has forced them to use felines instead. The name of their group will remain the same.
Ms. Mad About Video Games I patched her respawn ability to affect me instead. Then I strangled her with her Atari controllers until I appeared at the GameStop. I gotta convince my moms that I figured out how to upgrade my head from black and white to a CRT.
Ashur, God of the Windswept Plains and Soaring Skies Shot him in the back of the head. I told him I was a God of Death. I am now.

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Personnel Kill Confirmed Notes on Replacement
Dr. Jay Everwood Carbomb en route to Site-17. Everwood's nervous demeanor and obsessive personality led to her getting cold feet. I'm going to direct my attention elsewhere - perhaps to external groups.
Dr. Jeremiah Cimmerian Colombian necktie. Cimmerian's extremely vocal dissent against the facade has lead to complications with the Ethics Committee in the past. I will be sure to keep quiet moving forward.
Researcher Zyn Kiryu Convinced Agent Lament she and her brother were Chaos Insurgency spies. He asphyxiated her with piano wire. Researcher Kiryu has her fingers in too many pies. I will take a step back to facilitate my replacement when the cycle starts again.
Dr. Mark Kiryu Convinced Agent Lament he and his sister were Chaos Insurgency spies. He choked on his own blood after being punched in the laryngeal prominence. Mark continues to be irrelevant as always, though his relationship to Zyn always complicates replacing him.
Agent Lament Locked in the Statue's chamber, then tossed in the cremator with the rest of the D-Class. I never liked the name 'Lament.' I have decided to choose a new name, a more subtle one. Laferrier will do nicely.
Researcher Darryl Lloyd Made Darryl Lloyd inside. Moved Darryl Lloyd inside. Shot Darryl Lloyd Outside. It's a strange feeling, to carry the weight of the universe on your shoulders. I endure, for the facade.

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Personnel Kill Confirmed Notes on Replacement
Dr. Charles Gears Beat him to death with a wrench. My predecessor failed egregiously in his role: before his death, he married and fathered a daughter. I shall have to cut myself out of their lives as the facade requires.
Director Karlyle Aktus Ricin in his lymphoma medication. This experience has given me even more reason to keep a closer eye on my doctors during chemotherapy.
Dr. Jack Bright Not necessary. Following an extensive course of hypnotherapy, Bright has been convinced that he is the new Bright, who found a way to replace the previous Bright's consciousness within the necklace.
Professor Kain Pathos Crow Rigged his egg walker to explode when he got into it. It's safe to assume he lost his mind after becoming a dog, a fate I now share. For as long as I am sound, Project Olympia will not proceed.
Dr. Alto Clef Pretended to be a researcher and convinced him that Dr. Kondraki wanted to kill him under the pretext of revenge for "the incident". He went after Kondraki by himself. I'm having a hell of a time replicating the facial effect outside of photographs. I know what he was hiding from, but I can't see how this would help.
Dr. Benjamin Kondraki Pretended to be a researcher and convinced him that Dr. Clef wanted to kill him under the pretext of revenge for "the incident". He went after Clef by himself. The butterflies are used to the smell of Kondraki's blood. I'll need a bone marrow transplant from his corpse to ensure that our bodies will share the same blood.
Director Tilda Moose Locked in her most famous ward's containment chamber. The lizard left very little behind, but it's enough to copy her security credentials.

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Personnel Kill Confirmed Notes on Replacement
O5-13 You'll find me at the very bottom of the pit. My successor has taken up residence in the House. I've already made room down here for him and his successors.
O5s 12 through 2 One cyanide pill each. 5, 9, and 12 went without struggle. The old die to welcome the new - the facade must endure.
O5-1 Unconfirmed. N/A

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