Made in Heaven

5/001 LEVEL 5/001



Item #: SCP-001

Object Class: Safe


The elevator leading to SCP-001.

Special Containment Procedures: All predecessors are to be handled by their successors and delivered to SCP-001. Upon completion of the turnover and the re-establishment of the facade, SCP-001 is to be sealed over with concrete. It is expected that no successor ever visit SCP-001 more than once in their lifetime.

SCP-001 is not to be spoken of outside of preparations periods.

Description: SCP-001 is a massive pit located on Sublevel 27 of Overwatch Command. When a cataloged SCP willingly enters SCP-001, it will die. Its skills, personality, and anomalous attributes will be slightly modified and reassigned to a new instance, who will instantanously manifest near the location of the SCP's initial discovery. These properties make it crucial to the successful progression from each round to the next.

SCP-001 is accessible only by a single cargo elevator. Neither Sublevel 27 nor SCP-001 are marked on any blueprints of Overwatch Command. The age, depth, and origin of SCP-001 are indeterminable and irrelevant.

At this time, the previous round has ended, and a preparation period has begun. All personnel are asked to comply with SCP-001 directions as assigned.

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Entity Transfer Confirmed Notes on Replacement
The Doctor Convinced him the vial I had was the cure, and threw it into the pit. He went tumbling after. Scouts have confirmed the presence of a black-robed entity in Montauban, France, apparently able to kill via touch. His new plague-doctor mask looks a hell of a lot better than the ratty old surgical mask.
Able I opened the box with it facing the pit. He stepped out and straight down. I think that counts as willingly. Reports have come in from indigenous tribes about an enraged tattooed warrior spirit in upper Mongolia. Seems he ditched the guns for swords this time around — hopefully he'll be easier to capture.
Duke Blackwood Moles can't see very well in the darkness. I just turned on the floodlights and convinced him there was a steak ahead. We're keeping an eye on his mansion. I wonder what animal he'll manifest as this time.
Moon Champion Convinced him there was a Moon Beast in the pit. We've spotted an EMU-type spacesuit in his usual orbit — I suppose the cosmonaut suit would've gotten a bit silly, considering the Soviets aren't around anymore.
Professor Spanko N/A He fled upon realizing who I was. I managed to nail him with an amnestic dart as he bolted, though, so we don't have to worry about that.
God of the Windswept Plains and Soaring Skies I told him his ancient nemesis Bors'anar of the Seadrinkers was in there. He went to go fight him. We're looking for replacements via arrests made in bars. Hopefully his replacement shares his affinity for drinking and fighting.
The Reptile N/A Since it can't die, it can't be remade. It just snarled at us when we looked into its chamber. "Is it… time… already? Hmph… time flies…"

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Personnel Transfer Confirmed Notes on Replacement
Immortality Jewel Jason willingly entered the pit attempting to be rid of the jewel's properties. The jewel has reappeared in the form of an amulet. We've locked it up in some box and left it in Site-19's basement. I pity whoever comes across it.
The Statue Baited it into the pit with a dangling D-Class. The replacement appeared in a Kyoto art exhibit and caused 23 civilian deaths before being contained. Notably, the object now resembles concrete more than its previous iteration.
Researcher Darryl Lloyd Made Darryl Lloyd inside. Moved Darryl Lloyd inside. Moved inside to the pit. Hopefully we won't be burdened by this threat any longer.

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Personnel Selected Replacement Notes on Replacement
Site-67 Director Charles Ogden Gears The current holder of the position married and fathered a child. The intended replacement is a highly mechanical and driven PhD, who shows little evidence of repeating this pattern.
Ethics Committee Lead Jeremiah Cimmerian Despite being an English Studies major, Dr. Cimmerian displays a passion for what he perceives as ethical. With some guidance in the right direction, he would make an excellent Ethics Director.
Dr. Jack Bright Not necessary. Following an extensive course of hypnotherapy, Bright has been convinced that he is the new Bright, who found a way to replace the previous Bright's consciousness within the necklace.
Professor Kain Pathos Crow Rigged his egg walker to explode when he got into it. It's safe to assume he lost his mind after becoming a dog, a fate I am now doomed to share. For as long as I am sound, Project Olympia will not proceed.
Dr. Alto Clef Pretended to be a researcher and convinced him that Dr. Kondraki wanted to kill him under the pretext of revenge for "the incident". He went after Kondraki by himself. I'm having a hell of a time replicating the facial effect outside of photographs. I know what he was hiding from, but I can't see how this would help.
Dr. Benjamin Kondraki Pretended to be a researcher and convinced him that Dr. Clef wanted to kill him under the pretext of revenge for "the incident". He went after Clef by himself. The butterflies are used to the smell of Kondraki's blood. I'll need a bone marrow transplant from his corpse to ensure I will be able to replicate the effect.
Director Tilda Moose Locked in their most famous ward's containment chamber. Judging by the scorch marks they left, it appears they have dabbled in forbidden crafts. I have forbidden myself from pursuing such interests, as they are ill-fitting for the character.

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Personnel Kill Confirmed Notes on Replacement
O5-13 You'll find me at the very bottom of the pit. My successor has taken up residence in the House. I've already made room down here for him and his successors.
O5s 12 through 2 One cyanide pill each. 5, 9, and 12 went without struggle. The old die to welcome the new - all roles recast.
O5-1 Unconfirmed. N/A

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From: knoh.dtocfh|htraenowohstsetaergeht#knoh.dtocfh|htraenowohstsetaergeht
To: pcs.hctawrevo|424390243901473901.rotartsinimda#pcs.hctawrevo|424390243901473901.rotartsinimda
Subject: Bravo!
Date: X

You're giving me a run for my money with the performance you're putting on! I mean, come on. Making the Red Right Hand do all the dirty work and leak that to the O5's? Wow. Just wow. I wish I had those kind of resources… Goes to show you how far the Circus has fallen in recent games.

You may be in the limelight this run, but just watch me shine in the next one.

Cheers! 🤡
Herman Fuller

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