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6/4271 LEVEL 6/4271
Item #: SCP-4271



Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4271 is contained inside an exclusion zone with a radius of 1.5km. No personnel are allowed access into the building itself.

Description: SCP-4271 is the "Our Lady of First Communion" church and attached graveyard, located 8km north of Cicero, Indiana. The church administration had declared bankruptcy in December of 1990, and auctioned off the property. In June of 1991, it was purchased using Foundation assets, despite the tactical irrelevance of the property at the time. The identity of the party authorizing the purchase of SCP-4271 remains unknown.

Through several clerical errors within the Foundation filing systems, the purchase of the property was only discovered in January of 1995. Researcher Stephen Benjamin was assigned to survey the property.

Upon reaching SCP-4271, Researcher Benjamin made an emergency call to Site-81 authorities, requesting armed back-up before communications were disrupted. MTF Rho-9 ("Search and Rescue") was deployed to the site to provide assistance, but could not locate an immediate threat.

Efforts to locate Researcher Benjamin are currently ongoing.


Handle within SCP-4271.

After initial containment was successfully established, an in-depth exploration of the location was authorized. The church building was in a state of disarray, with signs of a violent physical altercation discovered. These include several bullet holes found on the southern wall facing the graveyard, scorch marks on the ceiling and severe structural damage to the stairs leading to the belfry.

Inside the belfry of the church is a large bell constructed of beryllium-bronze alloy, designated SCP-4271-1. SCP-4271-1 produces a field in which no thaumaturgic practices, rituals, or objects function. This field extends to the graveyard in the rear and the entirety of SCP-4271. Disturbing or ringing the bell amplifies this effect, but this is no longer possible due to severe structural damage to the soundbow and clapper caused by aggressive usage. Methods to relocate SCP-4271-1 without resulting in its total structural failure are currently in discussion.

Inside the church is a hand-pull alarm attached to a pipe, leading to the belfry. The handle of the alarm is etched with the words, "Property of the Department of Abnormalities". Pulling the handle does not activate SCP-4271-1, and it is believed several internal components have been damaged. Both SCP-4271-1 and the alarm are recent additions relative to the age of the structure, having been installed approximately within the last 100 years.

The graveyard located behind SCP-4271 contains thirteen tombstones, with twelve attached graves. The fifth grave was disturbed prior to containment, and the coffin1 formerly buried in the plot shows signs of internal structural damage such as scratches, deep dents, and scorch marks similar to the ones found inside the church. Its lid was violently separated from the body, shattering its bolts and hinges.


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