To: Staff (Group)
Subject: Good job, everyone!
Date: X

Today marks another decade of the Foundation's service to humanity. Through the long years we've quietly protected the world from the shadows, we've been working at making it safer, easier, and more efficient to contain the anomalies that would otherwise wreak havoc on society. This decade has been a culmination of that work — ten years without a single containment breach, a single escaped anomaly, a single destroyed site. The Foundation is a machine dedicated to securing, containing, and protecting, and it's all thanks to you. The tireless researchers, agents, guards, workers — you have made this possible.

Here's to another ten years.

Secure, Contain, Protect

Subject: Recent Events
Date: X

At 0500 hours this morning, 15 sites received orders signed by you to transfer several of their more notable anomalies to a new site in the Siberian tundra. The coordinates directed them to Overwatch Command. If it was possible to fake your authorization, I'm sure someone would have done it by now, so what the hell is this? I'm worried. What are you planning? Respond ASAP, please.

Secure, Contain, Protect

If you're reading this, you must be the new Overseer 1. My name is Everett Mann. I was your predecessor until I was blackballed by the Administrator, Francis Fritzwilliams. He preferred to be called Fritz by his friends — and until I was burned, I thought I was one of them.

Fritz is at the lynchpin of a massive conspiracy involving the leaders of seemingly every other Group of Interest in the Foundation. I wish I could give you more details at the moment. Unfortunately, all I know is that he framed me for an elaborate plot to kill the other Overseers — my friends — after I asked him why he had transferred over a hundred anomalies to Overwatch Command in the Arctic.

I'm dead so I can't teach you as much as my predecessor taught me. That's what these logs are for — to teach you how to amass the resources you need to hunt him down and then give you everything I know so you can pick up where I left off. Fritz undoubtedly has you on a screw-tight leash, but our duty is still to protect mankind, and Fritz's loyalty is only to himself. Once Fritz is dead, then you can save the Foundation and then get back to saving mankind.

Despite his myriad failings, Fritz always had a talent for delegation. You are an Overseer. And that means you have the wisdom to make plans, the cunning and tenacity to see them through, and the paranoia to ensure that they can't be traced back to you. More than that, you still have the drive to do the right thing.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. It won't do you any good to run out and get yourself killed. Before you can do anything, you need a power base and resources. There are three things you need:

A villainous lair, well protected, with guards loyal to you and traps to kill anyone who encroaches. In fact, ignore the guards. Their loyalty is utterly fickle — but traps only betray the people stupid enough to fall into them. When Fritz first tried to kill me, he sent his own death squad to my door. I'd been holed up in a shack in the the Arctic for nearly thirty years at that point, using Factotums to act for me — do you have Factotums? For us, they were our body doubles. Clones, people who looked and spoke and sounded like us and relayed our decisions. They were our second chances, in a way — they went out and spoke and acted and often died for us. I imagine you do. Regardless, while I sent my Factotums to act and die for me, I spent all my time making decisions and getting drunk to hide away from the guilt of the decisions I made. I barely remembered how to hold a gun or even how to throw a punch. But I often read "The Most Dangerous Game" — a fantastic short story that inspired me to rig the entrance to my lair with Malay man-catchers and Burmese tiger pits — simple traps, so simple that they managed to ensnare half a dozen members of Fritz's kill squad. It gave me the time I needed to escape.

Escape plans. Lots of them. In particular, fake escape plans to tell the other Overseers about. Share them only with your closest friends on the Council, and stress the importance of keeping them quiet, because those are the ones that will be given to Fritz first. My own predecessor was the one to teach me that. One of the few lessons she shared with me before she killed herself. This job is difficult, I know. I wish I could offer you reassurance or tell you things would be different but I can't. I can only tell you that despite everything, if you've become an Overseer then you are indeed the most qualified for the job. Hold onto that knowledge; it carried me through my darkest moments. But I digress. As soon as you find a lair, you have to find ways to escape it. I myself used secret escape tunnels, so Fritz will be probably be wise to those. I apologize for that. Make them anyways — use them as red herrings. Maybe teleportation is mundane in your time — if not, find some SCPs that let you teleport. Fast.

A good safehouse. Lots of them, stocked with as much as you can get your hands on, anomalous or not. Have fake safehouses. Have plans to steal anomalies from the sites that can get you there. At any and every site, have someone in place. If you can't trust them, blackmail them. You're an Overseer, you have people to find leverage against anyone you want. My point is that as one of the secret rulers of the world, you have more resources than you could ever make use of. You need to be proactive in using them. I was lucky enough to steal Fritz's email login and a cap that made me virtually invisible —- but not lucky enough to get more. You have to make your own luck. Take what you can. If you succeed, you can always put it back.

If you've made it this far, then hopefully you've listened to my advice. You have escape plans, safehouses, and resources to fall back on and use to bring down Fritz himself. Unfortunately, Fritz isn't alone either. He has resources of his own — of the entire Foundation — and whatever his plan is, he's working with the leaders of other Groups of Interest to bring it about.


- Hack Fritz's emails.
- Read Fritz's email for clues.
- Figure out what Fritz has been plotting.
- Kill Fritz.

CC: Cycle (Group)
Subject: It's Time!
Date: X

Well played, Fritz. Masterfully done as always. You were always best executing it slowly. Ah, but now I'm clued in to your tricks! I'll get you back next time around. Heh, I always say that, don't I?

By the by—could you be a pal and send a copy of the file my way? I seem to have misplaced mine, unfortunately, and I'd really appreciate it. I recently moved shop (I thought we had more time left) so I have a new mailing address. I know email is faster but I do love the physicality of these things. It's just so much more fun to hold it in your hands!

My address is:

108 Whimsy Way, Wonder World, MA 12321.

Thanks in advance!

Dr. H. L. Wondertainment
The Wackiest Practitioner of Whimsy!

Do you play chess? Of course you do, you're an Overseer. If Fritz didn't make you play with him, one of the others probably did. The objective is to checkmate the king — but you checkmate the king by removing the pieces around him. You see where I'm going with this.

Of course, with the friends Fritz has, it's like chess where your opponent's entire side were queens. On the bright side, I'm a queen myself (metaphorically speaking). The question, then, is who to capture. I picked the good Doctor Wondertainment for three reasons. One, she was never particularly discreet. I knew her location down to the street sign. Two, my intel suggested that she was privy to the cornerstones of Fritz's conspiracy — and getting to her would hopefully fill in the pieces of the puzzle. And three, she was particularly bad at ferreting out spies.


- Hack Fritz's emails.
- Read Fritz's email for clues.
- Figure out what Fritz has been plotting.
- Kill Fritz.

5/001 LEVEL 5/001



Item #: SCP-001

Object Class: Safe


The elevator leading to SCP-001.

Special Containment Procedures: Upon completion of the turnover and the re-establishment of the façade, SCP-001 is to be sealed over with concrete. No anomaly will ever visit SCP-001 more than once in their lifetime.

SCP-001 is not to be discussed outside of preparations periods.

Description: SCP-001 is a massive pit located on Sublevel 27 of Overwatch Command. When a cataloged SCP willingly enters SCP-001, it will die. Its skills, personality, and anomalous attributes will be slightly modified and reassigned to a new instance, which will instantaneously manifest near the location of the SCP's initial discovery. These properties make it crucial to the successful progression from each round to the next.

SCP-001 is accessible only by a single cargo elevator. Neither Sublevel 27 nor SCP-001 are marked on any blueprints of Overwatch Command. The age, depth, and origin of SCP-001 are indeterminable and irrelevant.

At this time, the previous round has ended, and a preparation period has begun. All personnel are asked to comply with SCP-001 directions as assigned.

Sort By: Most Recent
Sort By: Classification: Anomalies
Entity Transfer Confirmed Notes on Replacement
The Doctor Convinced him the vial I had was the cure and threw it into the pit. He went tumbling after. Scouts have confirmed the presence of a black-robed entity in Montauban, France, apparently able to kill via touch. The new plague-doctor mask looks a hell of a lot better than the gas mask.
Able I opened the box with it facing the pit. He stepped out and straight down. I think that counts as willingly. Reports have come in from indigenous tribes about an enraged tattooed warrior spirit in upper Mongolia. Seems he ditched the guns for swords this time around — hopefully he'll be easier to capture.
The Statue Baited it into the pit with a dangling D-Class. The replacement appeared in a Kyoto art exhibit and caused 23 civilian deaths before being contained. It's in a shipping container under Site-19 now. Notably, the object is now made of concrete instead of clay.
Duke Blackwood Moles can't see very well in the darkness. I just turned on the floodlights and convinced him there was a steak ahead. We're keeping an eye on his mansion and are ready to catch whatever comes out.
Remains of Chair Wondertainment was dead when we dropped by, so we asked Thomas to repair the chair while he regenerated. Factory foreman said it'll be a month, and the best they can do is a chair that looks like a woman. Fuller says someone else should destroy the chair next time.
Immortality Jewel Jason jumped in the moment we told him he'd die. He seemed glad to go. The jewel has reappeared in the form of an amulet. It has been locked it up in some box and left in Site-19's basement. I pity whoever comes across it.
The Seed Dropped it into a vat of molten metal. It screamed like a man. Fell to Earth in Dellinton, England. Bumaro went to retrieve it — says he has ideas for tying it more closely to MEKHANE.

Exfiltrated safehouse. Read 001 on the plane. Explains why Fritz was shipping everything to command. What's the point of the pit? Why destroy everything we built? That
HE built?

Successful progression from each round to the next. What rounds? What does it mean?

File came with passwords attached. Lead to a private database full of 'kill tables' that document neutralizations via 001. Says Bumaro is in England — flying out as soon as the plane is refueled. Other possible lead — who wrote the kill tables? Fritz would never get his own hands dirty. Will read in next safehouse — the London place should still be secure, but MC&D might have eyes on it.

Funny, really. Fritz and I aren't much different. I haven't felt this drive in decades. Reminds me of the first time I hunted headlight beasts. Wonder what they did to the stuffed one.


- Hack Fritz's emails.
- Locate copy of SCP-001
- Track down source of kill tables.
- Figure out what Fritz has been plotting.
- Kill Fritz.

Audio transcripted by: Foundation Transcription AI Unit TSAT.aic
Geotagging: Dellinton, England.

P1: Aaron?

P1: Sir. Please come with me.

P1: Override code Zeta-Nine-Omega-Sixteen-Bravo-Bravo-Bravo. Where's Bumaro?

P1: Sir, that code has been deactivated.

P1: You've been compromised?

P1: No, sir. I remain at the head of Mobile Task Force Alpha-1, Red Right Hand. Owing to your defection from the Foundation, I now report to Overseer 12. The Administrator asked me to retrieve you personally.

P1: Dammit. Fritz's been spying on me then. Does he have a killsat trained on me now?

P1: Sir, the Administrator specified that you be brought in alive. Please come with me.

P1: How long has he been spying on me? How long has he known that I've known?

P1: I am not privy to that information.

P1: Override code Juliet-Uniform-Delta-Alpha-Sierra-India-Sierra-Charlie-Alpha-Romeo-India-Oscar-Tango. By my authority both as Overseer 1 of the Foundation and Everett Mann of the Perago Protocol, I release you from your prior obligation to serve the organization formerly known as the Foundation and rebind you to my service. Aaron, the Administrator himself is compromised. He and the other GOI leaders are all part of some massive conspiracy. They're all shutting down and he's downsizing the Foundation — killing the anomalies and staff. We need to get out of here and I need your help to figure out what Fritz is doing.

P1: I hate you.

P1: Wh-what?

P1: I hate you. I hate your guts. I want to take an ax to your head. I hate you because you conscripted me into your body double without my consent. You didn't even tell me I had the job.

P1: What the — how did Fritz know about my override geases? Wait — you told him?

P1: I don't remember what I used to look like. You destroyed all the pictures of me when you bound me to your will. I see your face looking back at me. I hear your voice from my mouth. I lie awake at night wanting to die because I hate the man I've become. I hate the man I'm supposed to be.

P1: Aaron, whatever this is —

P1: Shut up. I've been your doll for twenty FUCKING years, Mann. I've served and slaved and killed and bedded and pretended to be you because it burns when I try to do anything else. It burned. The Administrator knew you'd fled, he knew I'd been ordered to act as you in your stead, and he knew how much I hated you. When the Administrator asked me to retrieve you, he knew how to break your geases. He knew everything! He's the Administrator.

P1: Aaron, I'm sorry. Listen to me, please — the Administrator is lying to you. I know you joined the Foundation to protect mankind. Whatever he's told you, whatever he promised you — he doesn't! He wants to end the world, to kill people, to destroy the Foundation. We can't let that happen! I've done terrible things, Aaron, and I will do everything in my power to make it up to you. Please believe me — I am truly, deeply, desperately sorry for what I did to you. So please, trust me when I say we do NOT have time for this! I need to know where Fritz is.

P1: Look me in the eyes, Mann.

P1: Okay.

P1: Look me in the eyes and tell me what was so vital that you couldn't simply recruit me. Tell me why you kidnapped me in the middle of the night. Tell me why I had to go to sleep with my face and then wake up with yours. Tell me why I remember nothing of my past before the morning you set those geases on me. Tell me why you couldn't even give me the illusion of choice. Look me in the eyes and tell me that the fate of the world depended on turning me into your factotum — into your SLAVE.

P1: Aaron…

P1: I thought not. You know something, Mann? I lied — I volunteered to bring you in.

P1: Please —

P1: Shut up, come quietly, and be grateful the Administrator wants you alive.

P1: I'm sorry.


To: Overwatch Command (Group)
Subject: Regarding External Groups
Date: X

Justine Everwood of the External Groups Research Department has reported large-scale breakdowns in structure and operations among almost all groups of interest, with the notable exclusion of Wilson's Wildlife Solutions and the Serpent's Hand. Under normal circumstances I would be inclined to call this a victory for the Foundation, but please keep in mind that the following events all occurred within the last 48 hours.

  • The closure of MC&D's three flagship locations in New York, Hong Kong, and London.
  • The disbanding of Pentagram and the UIU into the Department of Defense and FBI respectively.
  • Anderson Robotics declaring bankruptcy, with Vincent Anderson becoming MIA.
  • The sudden cancellation of all future SAPPHIRE meetings in their Paris, FR home base.
  • The shutdown and closure of a suspected Factory location in Philadelphia, PA.
  • The deployment of GOC troops to anomalous locations worldwide, with orders to capture as many anomalies as possible and transport them to an unidentified location.

… and many others. I fear whatever is affecting these external groups may affect the Foundation soon. I would like to propose all Foundation assets immediately focus on research of this anomaly and prioritize its prevention.

Secure, Contain, Protect

Subject: Bravo!
Date: X

You're giving me a run for my money with the performance you're putting on! Making the Red Right Hand do all the dirty work and leak that to the O5's? Wow. Just wow. My role necessitates a more direct approach to problems, but I admire your finesse.

As for myself, I'm having a hell of a time keeping my boys from burning the whole thing down. You'd think the fucking United Nations of all things would be more willing to give peace a chance, but they're frighteningly good at turning anomalies into swiss cheese. Not to worry though, I'll be able to keep them from going above and beyond.

Speaking of going above and beyond, that Mann fellow you've got running around in circles is surprisingly clever. I think he'd make a fun adversary.

See you soon,
D.C. Al Fine.

To: Overwatch (Group)
Subject: Ongoing Breaches
Date: X

Site-64 and 84 are the only remaining large-scale Foundation sites in operation. Nu-7, Tau-5, and Epsilon-11 are down to only a handful of members and have been absorbed into Alpha-1. An estimated 1,221 formerly contained anomalies are now loose. We tried getting ahold of the United Nations, the Reclamation Office, and hell, Seven even tried that old GRU-P emergency line, but no one's out there. We're all that's left.

I am proposing a vote to use SCP-2000 to avoid whatever K-Class, or God forbid, BM-Class scenario we are rapidly spiraling towards so we can buy more time to investigate SCP-001.

Secure, Contain, Protect.

Good news, bad news.

Good news, I've still got the touch. Got 12's passwords. Fritz wasn't as thorough as he thought.
Bad news, Aaron shouldn't have been passed to 12. There should have been a new 01. Fritz is truly burning down the house.

Good news, Johnnie and 1 seem uncompromised. Should try contacting them.
Bad news, AMERICA IS BURNING. News reports say terrorists attacking Memphis — likely GOC shocktroops moving on 19. Fritz, what the hell are you doing?

Worse news — they're onto me. Laughing at me. Need to burn Aaron's body and exfiltrate immediately. Will call 9 at next safehouse I find.


- Say a prayer for Aaron. He deserved better.
- Enjoyed interrogation too much — undiagnosed anger issues? May have been in Arctic too long.


- Hack Fritz's emails.
- Locate and read SCP-001
- Make contact with other surviving Overseers
- Figure out what Fritz has been plotting.
- Kill Fritz.

Subject: No subject.
Date: X

Though I admire what you are doing and greatly value the current spectacle, I must say I am quite displeased at the short length of this round. I had just recently acquired the means to re-assembly and did not have a chance to complete my objective. It was quite the let-down.

Blessed be Mekhane, for she makes us Whole.
Robert Bumaro, High Priest, The Forger of God, The Messiah

Sort By: Most Recent
Sort By: Classification: Personnel: Senior Staff
Personnel Selected Replacement Notes on Replacement
Site-67 Director Charles Ogden Gears The current holder of the position married and fathered a child. The intended replacement is a highly mechanical and driven PhD, who shows little evidence of repeating this pattern.
Research and Development Head Kain Pathos Crow Research prodigy. Has projects in robotics, biochemistry, paratechnology, history, and anything else he could possibly learn. He's the only man right for the job.
Classification Committee Head Jean Karlyle Aktus Expert in security and has limited, non-veil experience with the paranormal. His health conditions are unfortunate but may prove to be excellent leverage.
Department of Applied Influence Head Alto Clef Former gock — I've had my eyes on him this whole round, and I don't think anyone will notice if I squirrel him away for whoever plays Administrator next. He could be their best man, or go ballistic and wreck a few sites. Maybe I should start a betting pool.
Site-19 Director Tilda Moose Operative of the Hand, type-blue, quite experienced with thaumaturgy and other magic bullshit. I think having them contain other anomalies will be a delicious stroke of irony.

CC: Cycle (Group)
Subject: It's Time!
Date: X

Sorry about that, Rob. I'll make sure a few things are set in place for the next game. Here's the breakdown.

- Suggested implementation of a new group, 'Manna Charitable Foundation'. Its main purpose is to drain resources from high-resource generation groups in order to help balance things out for slower players.
- Just for you, Robert, the strip of land in Mexico will be pre-destroyed, but the next player still needs to find it.

I hope you and the others will find this workable.

By the way, how would you and the others feel about a new role? I think I have an idea.


Sort By: Oldest
Sort By: Classification: Personnel: Overseers
Personnel Kill Confirmed Notes on Replacement
O5-13 I entered the Pit for old times' sake, but it's rather an exercise in futility, no? On the other hand, I suppose it's the journey that matters, not the destination. Isn't that right?
O5s 12 through 2 One cyanide pill each. 5, 9, and 12 went without a struggle. I know you're reading these.
O5-1 Why don't we have a chat, Everett? Just the two of us.

They're all dead. Rodney, Troy, Johnny, Sophie, Fred, everyone. Only Tamlin was compromised. I'm the last one left. I have to keep going. For 9 & 12, for the staff, and for revenge.

Fritz, you bastard. You're still at Site-01. I'd bet my life on it. Been so busy running around the globe that I completely missed the obvious location.

I'm going to wring the answers out of you and then wring your neck.

Major Plot Points / Themes:

The Foundation and GOIs exist for the sake of existing.
Their leaders (the Powers That Be) are immortals who have grown bored and are playing a giant game — collecting anomalies, world domination, etc etc
People, nations, and anomalies are just parts of the game. Their deaths are merely entertainment and have no true consequence to the Powers That Be
O5-1 catches on to something weird and starts compiling information in a dossier
The Administrator is keeping an eye on him and ends up inviting him to become immortal and play the game with them — he can take on the role of Nobody

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