A tale of great expenditure

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ORIA and Pentagram fight over the USD's symbol, the Eye of Providence v. the Eye of Horus.
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The evolution of cryptocurrency, gold standard, and other sigils are found with other governmental groups of interests, esoteric groups of interests, and conglomerate bodies of groups of interests.
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Trade war.
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The inflation of all currencies leads to the trade value of stars being the only things in the future that have a 1:1 value. For the future municipal of the Foundation Universal Federation, Accounting Committee.

Matrioshka brains facilitate the transactions of stars.

Past-markets are simulations ran strictly for the new gold standard: Symbols, metallurgy, and other currencies considered niche or "retro" or nostalgic are traded for sport.

Aliens visit the past to invest in the Eye of Providence.

Inspired by SCP-4985

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