Guide Access

* [ How to be Scary Without Saying Anything] - A quick guide on how to use omission to your advantage in horror.

* [ Let's Talk About Character For A Minute] and [ Let's Talk About Writing Characters For A Minute] - A pair of fantastic guides on writing original characters that interest your readers.

* [ So You Want To Write A Humanoid SCP Object] - One of the best resources for writing SCP humanoids.

* [ Understanding Memetics] - The go-to essay for learning more about what memetics are and what they aren't.

* [ untitled essay regarding scps, narratives, and how they can share a page] - The untitled guide on how to implement narrative into your SCP article.

* [ Clinical Tone: Declassified] - How to write clinical tone, helping you sound both professional and understandable.

* [ Zen And The Art Of DATA EXPUNGED] - How to properly implement redactions and the like into your article.

* [ Crosslink Guide] - How to effectively crosslink in your article, and where it should and shouldn't be used.

* [ A Few Examples Of Things Not To Do In An SCP And What To Do Instead] - Some common mistakes and how to correct them.

* [ Rules of Thumb] - Tips and tricks from individual writers for all sorts of purposes.

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