Hell is Other People
Item#: XXXX
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Secondary Class:
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Special Containment Procedures as of 23/02/20XX: All personnel assigned to SCP-XXXX must have a clean criminal record, preferably with histories of strong moral character. Personnel must not have been assigned to any anomaly that required morally ambiguous actions for containment. Belief in an Abrahamic religion is preferred, but not essential for selection.

Entry into SCP-XXXX is forbidden. "Containment" of SCP-XXXX is restricted to guarding the the aperture and observation.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a dimension parallel to baseline reality, accessible by means of a dimensional rift inside a cave located in the Spanish region of the Iberian Peninsula.

SCP-XXXX is a featureless dirt plane that appears to extend infinitely beyond the horizon, which is a dark gray colour in tone. There is an ambient light present throughout SCP-XXXX that appears to have no clear source.

SCP-XXXX is populated by two classes of Tartarean entities, designated as SCP-XXXX-1 and SCP-XXXX-2 instances, and a group of humanoids known as XXXX-3 instances.

SCP-XXXX-1 instances resemble winged humanoids, although are entirely composed of a pitch-black substance similar to fire. Despite this, XXXX-1 instances are capable of interacting with their environment, although this tend to cause extensive damage due to their makeup.

SCP-XXXX-2 instances are composed of a luminous substance resembling hydrogen and helium undergoing nuclear fission (ie, the Sun and other stars). XXXX-2 instances resemble humanoids with animalstic features, the exact details varying among particular instances.

SCP-XXXX-3 instances are a population of human beings found within SCP-XXXX. Instances can be found throughout SCP-XXXX being tortured by SCP-XXXX-1 instances in a variety of methods (see attached document for typical methods observed). Instances appear unable to die, although they do not seem to possess any type of regenerative abilities.

Occasionally an XXXX-3 instance will vanish in a bright flash of light, causing the XXXX-1 instance to find another instance to torment. This has been observed twice since initial discovery.

SCP-XXXX-2 instances do not interact with XXXX-1 or XXXX-3 instances. Instead they will periodically emerge from SCP-XXXX, turning invisible as they exit the dimensional aperture to unknown destinations.

Discovery: SCP-XXXX was discovered in 19XX, after law enforcement officers in the region had disappeared investigating missing person cases in the region. Foundation assets embedded in the Ministry of the Interior alerted agents to the discovery of the anomaly. Deaths were explained as Cover up-162 (Hiking Accident).

Incident-XXXX: On 23/02/20XX, several SCP-XXXX-2 entities emerged from SCP-XXXX. Instead of attacking, the instances proceeded to abduct Researcher Hammond, Researcher Kosniak, and Agent Wells. MTF-Chi 13 ("Choir Boys") was mobilized for a rescue expedition.

Expedition Log-XXXX-27

Alpha: Alright, last round of equipment checks everyone. If anyone forgot to pray, now's the time.

Bravo: Check.

Charlie Check.

Delta Check.

Alpha: Check. This is Commander Esteban of MTF-Chi 13, entering SCP-XXXX in pursuit of foundation personnel. Guns hot, everyone.

Chi 13 enters the aperture.

Alpha: Alright, scanner's picking up a trail. Looks like some entities headed southwest of here. Let's go.

Chi 13 proceeds south.

Delta: So. Hell, huh?

Charlie: Foundation was bound to come across it sooner or later. Keep the faith and you'll be fine.

Alpha: That reminds me. Bravo, how's the akiva radiation around here?

Bravo: Fluctuating, sir. Hovering around 100 centiakiva, picked up from the entrance.

Charlie: I can't say I'm an expert on hell sir, but that is somewhat higher than what I expected. Is that cause for concern?

Alpha: It's a multidimensional religious punishment, a little radiation should be fine. Keep an eye on it, tell me if it gets too hot.

Bravo: Yes sir.

The team proceeds southwest for ten minutes, before a structure on the horizon appears.. A SCP-XXXX-1 instance is floating beside it. .

Alpha: Alright, everyone. Guns down, but be ready to fire on the first sign of aggression.

The team approaches the SCP-XXXX-1 instance. Beside it is a pile of red hot coals that it is mixing with a fire iron. Underneath the pile is a SCP-XXXX-3 instance.

SCP-XXXX-3: Wait, is someone there? Please, you've gotta help me!

Alpha: Uh, hello there. I don't suppose either of you have seen any other humans come this way?

The SCP-XXXX-1 instance turns to face him, putting down its poker. It does not speak.

Alpha: They're good people. I think they were taken here by accident, they were studying the anomaly-

SCP-XXXX-3: Shit, you guys are from the Foundation? It's me, D-2342!1 Please, you've got to help me! I can tell you anything you want to know about this place.

Alpha: Wait, what? How-

Chi-Alpha takes a step towards D-2342. The SCP-XXXX-1 instance floats down between Chi-Alpha and D-2342, blocking his way.

Alpha: Woah, sorry. We don't mean to interrupt, im sure he's uh, getting everything he deserves. I'm looking for some people who weren't supposed to be here, like us. We just want to leave you guys alone, alright?

After a brief pause, the SCP-XXXX-1 instance points west.

Alpha: Thank you. Chi-Alpha gives the signal to leave.

SCP-XXX-3 What the fuck guys, you're gonna help some demon? Screw you, hope this place fucking kills you and all those fucking- SCP-XXXX-1 jabs the fire iron into D-2342's head, causing him to scream inarticulately as the team departs.

Charlie: Jesus. I mean some d-class are scumbags, but that was…

Bravo: I doubt he ended up here because he went to church every Sunday. Speaking of which, Sir-

Alpha: Let me guess. Akiva radiation was up back there?

Bravo: Actually, yes. How'd you guess, sir?

Alpha: Delta. You read the Qu'ran much?

Delta: Not much sir. Why- oh. I see.

Charlie: Mind filling in the rest of us?

Delta: Well in Islam, hell is a bit of a different concept than the Dante model. The Zabaniyya, or the Angels of Punishment, are said to torment the sinners. One of them actually meets Muhammad in heaven- never mind. You get the idea. What if it's the same here?

Charlie: So if its run by angels, holy water's useless?

Alpha: Everyone, switch to regular ammunition. Hopefully we won't need to use it, but you'll have an entire lifetime to atone-

Bravo: Uh, sir? Akiva radiation levels are rising rapidly.

Alpha: How fast?

Bravo: Uh, 200 centiakivas, 250, 300-

Charlie; The fuck's happenings?

Alpha: Alright everyone, time to retreat. We'll pick up Shit.

An entity appears in the sky, flying through an aperture that quickly closes behind it. The entity is an uneven mass of wings, eyes and tongues roughly a kilometer across at its widest point. Two arms are holding a book, and another pair of arms are writing furiously within it.

Delta: Sir, what do we do?

Bravo: What can we do? It's massive.

Tongues start to descend from the entity.. Rolled in each one is a struggling human, which is placed onto the ground. Where each human is placed, a SCP-XXXX-1 entity appears and vanishes with the presumed SCP-XXXX-3 instance.

Charlie: Well I guess we know where the humans come from.

Several eyes on the entity focus on them. The entity appears to cease writing for a moment, before quickly resuming.


Alpha: We were looking for some friends of ours who were taken.


Alpha: I realize that, but-


SCP-XXXX-4 vanishes through the same method it entered.

Bravo: That was weird. Was it talking about the personnel, or-

A large number of SCP-XXXX-2 entities fly out of the ground, flying in circles around Chi-13. A crackling sound can be heard emitting from the instances.

Alpha: Or not. Alright, move slowly, lets try-

An instance swipes at Chi-Alpha, shredding part of his uniform and causing him to stumble back.

Alpha: Shit!

Charlie: Sir, are you alright?

Alpha: I'm fine, just a scrape. Looks like they don't want us to leave.

Delta: The thing said "these are yours to take", so uh, meaning us. We're screwed.

BravO: Didn't think I would die like this. You think we'll be stuck here, even after we die? Can we even die in here

Alpha: Hey, cut that shit out. If you're going to pray, pray. Otherwise keep your guns ready, we might have to shoot out of here.

Delta's camera lowers as he kneel down in the circle, beginning to pray. The SCP-XXXX-2 entities appear to be slowly moving closer.

Charlie: I know you said holy water wouldn't do much, but i got a few more of those grenades. Probably won't do much, but its still a grenade, right?

Alpha: Huh, not bad. Chance we'd get blown to pieces… better than staying here, I guess. Alright, pass Bravo one. I'll fire up an exit, and then we'll-

Delta: Wait, do you guys hear that?

Bravo: Got no idea what- wait, what is that? Sounds like… chanting or something.

Recording equipment is unable to hear any chanting.

The SCP-XXXX-2 appear agitated, hissing at Chi-13 and each other. A small portion flies away. The larger portion flies at CHI-13 and begins to attack.

Bravo: Shit-

Charlie: Fire at-

A bright white light appears and a keening noise begins to rise, drowning out the recording equipment.

Unidentified voice: FEAR NOT.


Six hours after initial insertion, the members of CHI-13 emerged from SCP-XXXX with extensive but non-life-threatening injuries. Escorting them was a Class-IV Empyrean Entity, who demanded to speak to the "guardians of the gate".

Interviewed: Zadkiel, Prince of Angels and keeper of the Key to the Abyss2.

Interviewer: Supervising Researcher Graham and O5-4.

Foreword: O5-4 was brought in on a secure line.

<Begin Log, [optional time info]>

Graham: Well, I'm Edward Graham, Had Researcher for SCP-XXXX. This is my boss, O5-4.

O5-4: I have to say, I expected you to look a little less… mundane.

Zadkiel: Less like an investment banker, you mean. I'm doing you the courtesy of not disintegrating your site with holy fire.

O5-4: Very well. Shall we get on with this then?

Zadkiel: Please do.

Graham: Several of your shayatin as you called them, abducted our personnel. A Researcher Hammond and Kosniak, and one Agent Wells. We're willing to negotiate for their safe return.

Zadkiel: Hmm… Sorry, there's nothing I can do about them.

O5-4: I'm sorry?

Zadkiel: Hell is not under the exact jurisdiction of Heaven, it's sort of like a subcontractor you see. The shayatin have the authority to collect wicked souls for Hell. Usually Azazel delivers them, but that was an unfortunate loophole. We'll do our best to patch it up.

O5-4: You intervened with our mobile task force, didn't you? What gave you that right?

Zadkiel: A devout man prayed for my assistance. I have some limited space to intervene in situations like that.

Graham: Hold on, wicked? Those three had clean records for the entirety of their service.

Zadkiel: Sorry, I had a scroll here somewhere… ah, here it is. Hammond was personally involved in the detainment of several humans against their will. Agent Wells negotiated operation treaties with several dictators, and Kosniak acted as security for… well, I'm sure you're familiar with SCP-231?

O5-4: We do what we have to do to keep the world safe at night. We can't all afford to take the moral high ground.

Zadkiel: If it was up to me, every last one of you and your council friends would be set alight and-

O5-4: But it's not, is it? Your bosses sent you here in their place, and seeing as you haven't killed us already, there's something they want us to do.

Zadkiel: …Yes.

O5-4: Alright then, how about this: We'll keep our men from entering this portal, limit ourselves just to observation and keeping curious hitchhikers away. In return you'll prevent any shayatin from interfere with our activities here.

Zadkiel: …My superiors would like you to staff your personnel with only the purest of heart.

Graham: I'll screen some workers. Prioritize those working with Safe or Euclid non-threatening objects, nothing humanoid or things that requires Ethics Committee involvement.

O5-4: Excellent. If that's all Zadkiel, I believe we're finished here.

Zadkiel exits in a flash of light.

Graham: Sir, was that wise to be so dismissive? It seems that angered him.

O5-4: No, he was just mad that his shock and awe tactics didn't work on me. Are you familiar with angelic hierarchies? Not the technobabble empyrean terminology we use, the biblical structures.

Graham: My specialties in space-time anomalies.

O5-4: There's several ranks of angels. Seraphim, Powers, Dominions, the lists tend to vary. But ordinary angels usually rank at the bottom of the ladder, right under the Archangels. So when he tells you that he's the prince of angels and holds the key to hell, which we can stroll into whenever we like, does that impress you?

Graham: I suppose not, sir.

O5-4: They may be angels, but I know a pretender when I see one. Now I believe you have a covenant to maintain.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Operation staff restructured Containment Procedures to match SCP-XXXX-5's guidelines.

Addendum: [Optional additional paragraphs]

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