Herman Fuller Overhaul

Herman Fuller Overhaul Checklist:

  • Reorder the tales section of the HF hub so they're sorted alphabetically with Dread & Circuses in its own section.
    • Complete, with permission from Dexanote and WrongJohnSilver.
  • Rebuild component:hf-poster code so that it's not broken and viewable on mobile.
    • Complete, with permission from tretter.
  • Update the old component:hf-book-right and component:hf-book-left so that they're viewable on mobile.
    • Complete, with permission tretter.
  • Create new pages to replace component-hf-book-right and component-hf-book-left. The new pages will be aesthetically improved, but because the aesthetic changes would break the (3) existing articles, the old components will continue to exist. The Herman Fuller hub will be updated to list the improved component pages and will not include instructions for using the old versions.
    • Needs permission
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