Complex #5
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Stonewall Correctional Institute (circa 1955).

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The elevator shaft which provides access to SCP-1143 has been sealed with steel plating and reinforced concrete. Once a week, a security officer is to inspect this seal to ensure that it remains intact. Should the seal show signs of rupturing, SCP-1143's Containment Specialist is to be notified immediately; they are to oversee efforts to repair and fortify it as necessary. Access to SCP-1143 is forbidden.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a large subterranean structure of unknown volume located beneath the now-abandoned Stonewall Correctional Institute (located near Birmingham, North Carolina). Access to this structure is possible only via an elevator shaft located in the facility's sub-basement.


Interior of SCP-XXXX (circa 1941).

SCP-XXXX contains an unknown quantity of unidentified human corpses. Additional corpses emerge from below at a fixed rate. Despite extensive excavations, seismological surveys, and radiometric testing, the depth of SCP-XXXX has yet to be determined (but is in excess of several kilometers). After sealing it in 1955, researchers estimated that it would achieve maximum capacity at some point in 1962 (this remains unverified).

Prior to sealing SCP-XXXX, examinations were conducted on multiple recovered corpses. In approximately 75% of cases, the internal morphology showed minor to severe deviations from topographical norms (often concentrated within the brain). In nearly all cases, corpses exhibited evidence of numerous invasive surgical procedures intended to correct these deviations.

The most common cause of death was severe trauma to the head. When found, bullets extracted from the corpses were of customized make; .45 caliber rounds with a beryllium copper core.



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