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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid


Fig 1.1: Provisional Area-XXXX.

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation personnel are to work with naval and aeronautic authorities to enforce a 50 kilometer exclusion zone around Provisional Area-XXXX. All broadcasts inside this zone are to be disregarded. Access is strictly prohibited.

Entrances and windows that provide access to Provisional Area-XXXX's interior have been sealed and sound-proofed via steel-reinforced acrylic paneling coated in a graded-Z laminate. The internal shaft leading to its lower levels has been sealed with (approx.) two meters of concrete composite (a formulation of cement, water, and heavy weight aggregates that provide additional radiation shielding).

A Foundation-operated bot (I/O-SILVER) is to review IntSCPFN servers for files that reference Provisional Area-XXXX. Affected files are to be isolated and reported to the on-duty server administrator for review and sterilization. All personnel are to be reminded that there is no Site-5.


Fig 1.1: SCP-XXXX.

Description: Provisional Area-XXXX is a 6.4-hectare (16-acre) artificial island located 75 kilometers south of Greenland. It consists of numerous concrete structures in a state of severe disrepair, with an internal shaft (now sealed) leading to a subterranean chamber of undetermined volume. This chamber contains a large quantity of unidentified, irradiated human remains.

Internal Foundation documents are periodically altered to include references to Provisional Area-XXXX as a non-existent facility ("Site-5"). The date, purpose, and circumstances of the island's construction are not known.

Exposure to Provisional Area-XXXX (either via proximity or perception) is uniformly deleterious to all life.

1-2 minutes Flu-like symptoms, including: Nausea, headaches, dizziness, soreness, and nasal congestion. Minor hallucinations and short-term memory loss.
1-2 minutes Loss of object permanence and long-term memory.
1-2 minutes Prolonged, unintelligible screaming.
1-2 minutes Temporary cessation of all symptoms. Subjects report no recollection of any unusual behavior.
1-2 minutes Prolonged, unintelligible screaming. Rapid, severe liquefactive necrosis of the brain.
1-2 minutes Increased cranial pressure forces liquified necrotic tissue to emerge from the mouth, eyes, and nose.


BETA: Command, Chi Two, radio check.

CMD: Chi Two, this is Command. We read you loud and clear.

BETA: Roger. Approaching target.

CMD: Chi Two, good luck. Don't too close. Over.

BETA: Understood. Chi Two out.

BETA: Command, Chi Two, come back.

CMD: Chi Two, this is Command. Over.

BETA: Command, we're seeing, uh… we've got movement along the shore. Someone waving to us. Looks human. Please advise, over.

CMD: Chi Two, do not engage. Maintain minimum distance. Just observe. Over.

BETA: Understood. Chi Two, out.

BETA: Command, come back.

CMD: This is Command, come back.

BETA: They jumped into the water. Swimming closer. Please advise, over.

CMD: Chi Two, exercise your discretion. If they appear friendly and safe, let them on-board. Otherwise, you may use lethal force. Do you copy?

BETA: Copy, Command. Chi Two out.

CMD: Chi Two, this is Command. What's your current situation? Over.

CMD: Chi Two, Command. Report in. Over.

CMD: Chi Two, are you receiving this? Please respond. Over.

BETA: Command, this is Chi Two, come back.

CMD: Chi Two, come back.

BETA: Shot it, threw it back. Wasn't human. Over.

CMD: Roger, Chi Two. Return to base for debriefing. Over.

BETA: Understood. Returning to base. Chi Two out.

NOTE: Members of MTF Chi-2 reported being unable to describe the SCP-2956-A instance's appearance. A post-mission inventory found all munitions present and accounted for.

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