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SCP-XXXX: One Evening As The Sun Went Down And The Jungle Fire Was Burning

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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: No vehicles may enter SCP-XXXX. It is to be permanently closed under the guise of a contained CERCLA/Superfund polluted waste site, undergoing long term cleanup. All residents living on the road surrounding SCP-XXXX have been redirected to their homes via a detour currently being built by the Foundation with the cooperation of PennDOT. The land surrounding SCP-XXXX, and the land used for the construction of the alternate route, have been purchased from landowners in the area.

During official observation tests of SCP-XXXX's active phase, personnel are to be stationed at the opposite end of SCP-XXXX at least three days prior to the test's end. During observation tests, subjects must not stop or exit their vehicles under any circumstances.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a roughly 38 km stretch of uninterrupted rural road located in Huntingdon and Blair Counties, Pennsylvania. It begins outside the village of Seven Stars, and reaches its terminus outside of Martinsburg, intersecting State Road 866. There are no sidestreets or houses along SCP-XXXX, but it was used by local residents. Traversing SCP-XXXX during the day or at night outside of its active phase has no effects. When SCP-XXXX is traveled during the hours of 1 AM to 3 AM, it enters its active phase. During which, any vehicle traveling SCP-XXXX is subject to an unusual form of time dilation wherein any traveller going along the entire route will have traveled for between one day before and one day ahead, but only have only subjectively experienced thirty minutes.

It has been theorized by researchers assigned to SCP-XXXX that any vehicle entering is within a separate unstable temporal "bubble", temporarily isolated from the rest of linear time. Entering SCP-XXXX on foot has no effect, however stopping a vehicle or disembarking from one causes the subject to become stuck within their experience of SCP-XXXX. An additional property is that any damage to, or debris on, SCP-XXXX created during its inactive phase is undone during the active phase, including any people still trapped within it.

SCP-XXXX was first discovered by local residents at some time before 1900. Documents recovered from local families indicate that the road was used as a disposal unit for refuse and animal corpses after attempts to use its primary property were considered impractical. A sketch drawn by a Mrs. Patrick Kephart, the wife of a hen farmer, shows the road to be anachronistically identical to its present state. By 1930, references to the road appear in records of local organized crime in Pittsburgh. By 1955, the state's Department of Transportation came in and extended the road Pennsylvania Route 45 and State Road 866 as well as adding road signs. These signs and additions were not subject to disappearance.

In 1977, GOC operatives became aware of SCP-XXXX, and attempted to send a strike team to destroy it. Official documentation showed that the initial destruction of the road was successful.

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it's a road in central PA that creates pocket dimensions, in the 20s, spirit operatives in Pittsburgh and even as far as Chicago would use it today. If you left your car during the hour it was active you were stuck there and couldn't leave, but so long as you drive through, you'll make it out okay. They would send rum runners in there with a bomb that would blow up that car, killing them and trapping them in the loop. Today when you go in, there's gangster hitchhikers stationed by a burning old car, trying to get you to slow down so either they can escape or you stay forever.

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