The Neverwas
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Image taken from playback of SCP-XXXX-327 (00:01:52).

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As the precise nature of SCP-XXXX has yet to be determined, containment is to focus on the retrieval of footage associated with it. Foundation agents monitoring flea-markets, yard-sales, and property auctions for anomalous activity are to be briefed on the existence of this footage. Any analog tape suspected of containing partial or complete occurrences of SCP-XXXX's activities is to be purchased for review.

All analog recordings associated with SCP-XXXX are to be converted to digital files (DV-AVI Type 2). These files are to be stored in three separate flash-drives; each flash drive is to be kept in a secure TEMPEST-certified locker at an independent Foundation site. Once converted, all analog copies are to be incinerated.

All residents of Sussex, Pennsylvania (USA) who are featured in these recordings are to be observed for unusual or anomalous behavior.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an unidentified entity associated with the residents of Sussex, Pennsylvania (USA). Outside of VHS tapes recording its activities, no direct evidence (anecdotal or otherwise) of it exists. Investigations into the source of these tapes is ongoing.

VHS tapes associated with SCP-XXXX feature it recording residents of Sussex without their knowledge or consent. This typically occurs from within their bedrooms while they are sleeping. Recordings can last anywhere from five minutes to three hours. The footage abruptly cuts when subjects awaken, perceive SCP-XXXX, and express some form of distress. Multiple recordings have been found to feature the same subjects; often, the severity of their distress increases with each successive tape.

As of this date, no resident of Sussex has reported any knowledge of being recorded or otherwise interacting with SCP-XXXX.

Addendum XXXX.1: Designation as Anomalous

Prior to 2014, Foundation personnel were aware of SCP-XXXX, but had not yet designated it as anomalous. On 18/07/2014, Janet and Franklin Rosetta (both residents of Sussex) provided authorities with the following footage taken from a surveillance camera they had mounted on their front door:


DATE AND TIME: 18/07/2014, 2:34 AM (EST)
SUBJECT: Woman, estimated age of 16-22. White, medium build, dark hair. Wearing jacket and flannel pants; no socks or shoes. Torn restraints on wrists and ankles.



[02:34:01] : BEGIN LOG

[02:34:04] : Subject limps to door.

[02:34:16] : Subject looks back.

[02:34:18] : Subject attempts to open door.

[02:34:20] : Subject rings doorbell twice.

[02:34:29] : Subjects waits.

[02:34:44] : Subject looks back, expresses distress.

[02:34:46] : Subject rings doorbell twice, beats on door.

[02:34:53] : Subject looks back, expresses distress.

[02:35:03] : Subject beats on door, screams.

[02:35:10] : Subject looks back, expresses severe distress.

[02:35:12] : Subject rapidly limps out of frame.

[02:35:21] : END LOG

SUMMARY: No additional footage of note was recorded.

Residents of the home heard no disturbances the night prior. The footage was only discovered the next morning, after Mrs. Rosetta noticed blood on the doorstep. Samples of this blood and facial recognition software both independently verified the subject as Elizabeth Rosetta — Janet and Franklin's 17 year old daughter. Janet, Franklin, and Elizabeth all report that Elizabeth was in bed at the time of the incident. Elizabeth has been featured in multiple VHS tapes associated with SCP-XXXX.

As all three had reviewed the tape prior to Foundation involvement, agents were directed to amnesticize the family and recover all related footage. Elizabeth Rosetta remains under surveillance. As of this date, she has demonstrated no unusual or anomalous behavior, nor any knowledge of SCP-XXXX's activities.

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