Building Complex
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter


Fig 1.1: Structures above SCP-XXXX.

Special Containment Procedures: Given its remote location, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are tasked with carrying out SCP-XXXX's containment procedures. This includes the enforcement of a 75-kilometer exclusion zone around the site.

SCP-XXXX's access shaft has been sealed with steel-reinforced concrete composite. A weekly external inspection is carried out to inspect this seal (replacing and/or fortifying it as needed). The interior of SCP-XXXX is monitored remotely via live video feeds. Entry is strictly prohibited.


Fig 1.2: Outpost located above SCP-XXXX..

Description: SCP-XXXX is a large unidentified mass located two kilometers beneath the Matusevich Glacier. Eleven metal structures are arranged in a hendecagon above it. Each structure is comprised of a titanium-zinc alloy; they extend (approx) thirty-six meters above the surface and to an unknown depth below. All eleven emit an average of one to two thousand mSv (millisieverts) of gamma radiation every hour.

In 1956, the First Soviet Antarctic Expedition (led by Mikhail Somov and V. G. Kort) encountered these structures. Two years later, a Soviet outpost was established to study them. Deep-core geological surveys determined the existence of SCP-XXXX; an access shaft was constructed to reach it. This shaft was completed in 1974. In 1976, the outpost was abandoned.

In the wake of the USSR's fall in 1991, a defecting agent of GRU Division "P" reported SCP-XXXX's existence to Foundation operatives.

Addendum XXXX.1: Audio Transmissions


Fig 1.3: Live feed (CAM 03: Access Shaft).

DELTA: — mounted. Control, this is Delta. You getting feed on three?

RADIO: That's an affirmative, Delta. Coming in crystal-clear.

DELTA: Good.

ALPHA: Suit up. Delta, with me. Keep an eye on your instruments. Beta, help Gamma with the tether.

BETA: Roger.

GAMMA: Got it.


GAMMA: Fucking heavy.

ALPHA: Control, this is Alpha. We're heading down the shaft.

RADIO: Affirmative, Alpha. We see you.

DELTA: Lights are still working.

BETA: Russians built this place to last.


GAMMA: Christ, you smell that?

BETA: Jesus.

ALPHA: Anything?

DELTA: Scooby's not picking up any rads and the air sniffer says we're good.

ALPHA: Okay. Take it slow. No need to —


ALPHA: — anything? Control, can you —


DELTA: — not sure if —



Fig 1.3: CAM 15 (containment cells).


Fig 1.4: CAM 27 (location unknown).

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