Dark Side Discography

Part 00: [] Hey You
Part 01: [] Breathe
Part 02: [] On the Run
Part 03: [] Time
Part 04: [] The Great Gig in the Sky
Part 05: [] Us and Them
Part 06: [] Money
Part 07: [] Any Colour You Like
Part 08: [] Brain Damage
Part 09: [] Eclipse
Part 10: [] Shine On You Crazy Diamonds


  • Four (anomalous) kids (the labrats) on the run from Mnemosyne/Oswell Institute.
  • The emergence of Azathoth, or the Scarlet King (at the hands of online cults; for the 'lulz'). AKA the Grin.
  • The future is trying to save the past (post-Azathoth).
  • PARAWATCH. Basically, the Lone Gunmen.

Brain Damage Alt
Wish You Were Here Alt

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