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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter


Fig 1.1: Hopewell, NC.

Special Containment Procedures: A perimeter around the facility is maintained by a welded steel wire mesh fence (approx. two meters in height) and three security guards. Three of its four entrances and all ground-level windows have been sealed and sound-proofed via steel-reinforced urethane-foam paneling. A weekly external inspection is carried out to inspect these panels; they are to be replaced and/or fortified as needed.

The remaining entrance is enclosed inside a prefabricated modular containment chamber that has been attached and sealed to the facility's exterior. This chamber incorporates a pneumatic air-lock to provide access while minimizing the risk of contaminants escaping. Outside of authorized tests, access to the facility is strictly prohibited.

Remains recovered from SCP-XXXX have been immersed in concrete (approx. 300 liters post-curing) and interred at Complex-07's deep geological repository (Unit A). No attempt to recover additional remains is to be made.


Fig 1.2: Elevator providing access to SCP-XXXX.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a subterranean structure of unknown volume located beneath Stonewall Correctional Institute (located near Birmingham, North Carolina). Although documents retrieved from local municipalities confirm the construction of a prison by this name in 1936, no evidence of its staff, attendance, or operation has been found.

Access to SCP-XXXX is possible only via an elevator located in the facility's sub-basement. Despite extensive seismological and radiometric surveys, this structure's depth has yet to be determined (but is in excess of several kilometers). It contains an unknown quantity of anomalous human remains. Although most can be removed without incident, continued excavation results in the emergence of additional anomalous remains.

In 1976, a medical examination of several hundred bodies recovered from SCP-XXXX was conducted. In approximately 75% of cases, the internal morphology showed minor to severe deviations from topographical norms (often concentrated within the brain). In nearly all cases, examiners found evidence of numerous invasive surgical procedures (possibly intended to correct these deviations).

The most common cause of death was severe blunt-force trauma to the head. When found, bullets extracted from the bodies were .45 caliber rounds with a beryllium copper core.

Addendum XXXX.1: Notable Bodies

Description Cause of Death Additional Notes
Male, middle-aged, ethnicity unknown. Well-preserved. Unclear. Does not decompose.
Male, middle-aged, ethnicity unknown. Dressed in yellow linen. Has a burlap sack over its head, tightened in place with a noose. Ligature strangulation. Removing sack and noose reveals an identical sack and noose. Evidence suggests it struggled for several hours prior to death.
Female, middle-aged, Alutiiq. Skeleton comprised of ice. Most likely shock, blood loss, or hypothermia. Ice does not melt. UPDATE: Under no circumstances is any part of the skeletal system to be exposed.
Male, age unknown, ethnicity unknown. Numerous organs replaced with sophisticated gear-driven mechanisms. These mechanisms continue to operate when wound, resulting in post-mortem activity. Repeated extrusion of brass piston from left orbital socket. Although resembling late-stage SCP-217 infection, its organs are artificial and have been surgically installed.
A black stone coffin. Attempts to open the coffin have been stymied by a force exerted from within. N/A Though radiometric imaging cannot penetrate the coffin, both its location and weight suggests that it contains a human body.
Female, adolescent, ethnicity unknown. Has dark blue skin and alopecia universalis (a medical condition characterized by lack of hair). Two severed hands grasp its throat. Strangulation. While perceiving it, subjects cannot differentiate between persons they identify as female and non-sapient objects. Hands are fused to its throat.
Female, adolescent, white. Eyes have been gouged out. Images of the body show a pair of blue eyes; when viewed through video, the eyes follow the camera. Skull fracture caused by pressure applied to the ocular orbits.



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