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Fig 1.1: SCP-XXXX.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is stored in a secure vault at Site-96.

All physical recordings produced by SCP-XXXX have been converted to digital files (DV-AVI Type 2). These files are stored in 3 separate flash-drives; each flash drive is kept in a secure TEMPEST-certified locker at an independent Foundation site. All analog copies have been incinerated.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a 13-inch color CRT TV / VCR combo deck. When programmed to record a television show at a specific date, SCP-XXXX will record the next episode instead.

Though outwardly resembling the Sharp 13VT-L100, neither SCP-XXXX nor its interior components have identifying marks or writing of any kind. These components include a disabled AGC circuit (automatic gain control; likely disabled as a workaround for Macrovision's copy-protection used in early VHS), modified magnetic deflection coils, and an unidentified device soldered to its interior circuit board. Additionally, although a standard CRT television can draw anywhere from 50 to 100 watts of electricity, SCP-XXXX draws up to approximately 1500 watts while in operation.


Fig 1.2: Frame from title sequence of episode 265: Murder is Where the Heart is.

In 2005, several VHS recordings of an unaired episode of Murder, She Wrote (an American murder-mystery series that aired on CBS between 1984 and 1996) surfaced in flea-markets and yard-sales throughout North Carolina. Outside of these tapes, no evidence (anecdotal or otherwise) of any such episode's production or broadcast existed.

The original tape was traced to Hopewell, North Carolina; SCP-XXXX was recovered from the town's elementary school. Researchers determined that the tape was produced when someone attempted to record the final episode of Murder, She Wrote (Episode 264: Death by Demographics). This resulted in an episode which took place after the finale.

Further testing with SCP-XXXX has shown that it can "predict" episodes before they are released or produced. For example, when recording the 1995 finale of Full House (Episode 191 and 192: Michelle Rides Again), SCP-XXXX produced the as-of-then unfilmed pilot for Fuller House (published in 2016).

Use of an external VCR to play back a future episode while SCP-XXXX's internal VCR records the input will produce content that extends beyond this episode. However, the process of re-recording leads to a significant drop in quality for each successive episode. This eventually will result in the loss of any discernible signal.

Addendum XXXX.1: Episodes of Murder, She Wrote

Episode 265: Murder is Where the Heart is

Synopsis: After five years of adventures abroad, Jessica Fletcher is ready to retire from solving and writing mysteries. She returns to her home, Cabot Cove — intent on spending time in her garden and with her family. This idyllic dream is shattered when, after a visit with her nephew and his wife (Grady and Donna Fletcher), Jessica awakens the next morning to find her nephew brutally murdered — and Donna arrested for the crime.

A remark from Sheriff Metzger regarding how Cabot Cove has had "a lot of bad weeds" leads Jessica to recognize the actual murderer: Timothy Henwick, Grady and Donna's gardener. After he confronts her in their bedroom, Timothy attempts to murder Jessica. Sheriff Metzger intercedes; Timothy is shot and killed.

While discussing the case with her old friend, Dr. Seth Hazlitt, Hazlitt asks Jessica if she knows why people in Cabot Cove always seem to die violently. She responds that she's not certain, but it "certainly keeps things interesting". The two laugh; the episode ends.

Notes: Daniel Roebuck stars in an uncredited role ('Timothy Henwick').

Episode 266: One-Way Ticket to Death

Synopsis: Sam Booth, mayor of Cabot Cove and owner of the ferry, invites Jessica for a sea-side lunch-date. While they're catching up, the ferry explodes behind them — killing all the families onboard. Sheriff Metzger suspects Sam of sabotaging the ferry to collect the insurance money; he is subsequently arrested.

A remark by Dr. Hazlitt regarding how "so many people are ticking time bombs" leads Jessica to recognize the actual murderer: Sheriff Metzger. After confronting him on the pier, Metzger tells Jessica that he's planted a second bomb beneath the pier that's about to go off. Retired Sheriff Amos Tupper suddenly arrives, shooting and killing Sheriff Metzger. Working together, he and Jessica disarm the bomb before it detonates.

The episode concludes with Sam Booth thanking Jessica outside the Cabot Cove police headquarters. Amos Tupper arrives and tells Jessica he's decided to come out of retirement so he can help "put Cabot Cove right again". Amos Tupper asks Jessica how she knew which wire to cut to defuse the bomb. Jessica tells him that she misheard his cry of "we're all dead" as "cut the red". The two laugh; the episode ends.

Notes: Tom Bosley reprises his role as the sheriff ('Amos Tupper') after having left the show in 1988.


Fig 1.3: Frame from the end credit sequence of Episode 271: Final Prognosis: Murder!

Episode 271: Final Prognosis: Murder!

Synopsis: Jessica joins Dr. Hazlitt for lunch at his office. They're interrupted by a phone-call informing them of the death of Julia Stanwick (a close friend and patient of Dr. Hazlitt's). After an autopsy confirms poison, Sheriff Tupper warns Jessica that 7 of Dr. Hazlitt's patients have died under similar circumstances, leading him to suspect that he is a serial killer. Dr. Hazlitt is arrested.

A remark by Sheriff Tupper regarding how he feels "utterly powerless" leads Jessica to recognize the actual murderer: Donna Fletcher. After confronting her niece-in-law at Julia's house, Jessica tells her that Sheriff Tupper is on his way. Donna asks to use the bathroom. When Sheriff Tupper arrives, he forces the door open only to find Donna's body — and a note on the wall.

Jessica visits Dr. Hazlitt in his office. While discussing the case, Dr. Hazlitt receives another phone-call. Sheriff Tupper has just died via gunshot while cleaning his firearm. Dr. Hazlitt asks what use a doctor is when everyone keeps dying. Jessica replies that she's not sure, but she has "a feeling" that there's a "new opening in the sheriff office". The two laugh; the episode ends.

Notes: It is never stated how Donna died (her body remains off-screen). Additionally, signal degradation makes it impossible to read the message she left for Sheriff Tupper.


Fig 1.4: Frame from Episode 295: A Clear Case of Character Assassination.

Episode 295: A Clear Case of Character Assassination

Synopsis: Jessica awakens to find Michael Hagarty (a friend and MI6 agent) hiding in her house. Before he can explain himself, the doorbell rings; Sheriff Hazlitt tells Jessica that a string of murders throughout Cabot Cove has left most of the local government leaderless. Michael Hagarty is arrested as the primary suspect.

A remark by Sheriff Hazlitt regarding how he "just can't let any more good people die" leads Jessica to recognize the actual murderer: Cabot Cove's mayor, Sam Booth. Jessica confronts him in the mayor's office; Sheriff Hazlitt then arrives and proceeds to execute him.

Jessica returns to Michael Hagarty's cell and releases him. As they leave the police station and walk out into the streets, Sheriff Hazlitt's voice can be heard over the radio, declaring martial law. Jessica comments that by the sound of things, Michael Hagarty is out of a job. They laugh; the episode ends.

Notes: Outside of Jessica Fletcher, Michael Hagarty, Sheriff Hazlitt, and Sam Booth, no other characters appear in this episode. The sky is red.

Episode 298: A Very Special Christmas Mystery

Synopsis: The episode consists of a wide-shot focused on two figures huddled beneath a blanket in the corner of a basement. Movement under the blanket indicates breathing; at several points, distant gunfire can be heard.

The episode concludes with the faint sound of sobbing, followed by laughter. Roll credits.

Notable Cast: Unknown.

Episode 305: The Valentine Caper

Synopsis: The episode consists of a silent wide-shot focused on two figures huddled beneath a blanket in the corner of a basement. No movement is detected.

Notable Cast: Unknown.

Episode 412: Murder For Two

Synopsis: The episode consists of a silent wide-shot focused on two figures huddled beneath a blanket in the corner of a basement. No movement is detected.

Notable Cast: Unknown.

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