The Golden Age (1920s — 1950s)

  • 1950: The Gallant Society uses a powerful antimemetic effect to wipe themselves from history. Although on the surface, this is to avoid the consequences of McCarthyism, the truth is that they've gone underground — because the Foundation was murdering/containing them.

The Silver Age (1950s — 1970s)

1963, November 22: Olympia publicly prevents the assassination of JFK. The Foundation reveals itself to the world as an organization dedicated to understanding the anomalous and helping anomalous people apply their abilities for the betterment of humankind.

The Bronze Age (1970s - 1985)

The Modern Age (1985+)

Random Notes

  • The Robot (Erzatz Type 5)
  • Empyrean (emergence marks public awareness of 'bloomers')
  • The Husk (Overseer 12? Has tried to stop this a thousand times over; the narrowing path through history).
  • The Gallant Society vanishes in 1950s via antimemetics (Spectre-like member?).
  • Preventing JFK assassination (SCP-3780).
  • Olympia Project

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