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After losing control of normalcy, an inner circle of the Foundation (the Black Chamber?) continually resets reality as part of a long-term containment strategy for the Empyrean Parasite. In this iteration, the Foundation is absent — they operate from outside our view, adjusting events so they happen in precisely the right way to prevent humanity from 'blooming' from its 'chrysalis'.


  • Loss of Relevance: How does one cope with existing in a world that's moved on? Reflected in the Foundation (who won't let go), and the Gallant Society (who maybe has?).
  • Abandoned Parentage: Fathers and mothers who left their children behind?

Part I: Chrysalis

  • Speak to Me: We open with
  • Speak to Me: We introduce Alex, Machine-Head, Sunny, and Seph. They've just escaped Osworth Institute, driving a stolen car modified by Machine-Head. The mysterious (and terrifying) Mr. Crimson is shown in pursuit.
  • Breathe: Flashback to Alex arriving at Osworth. Having a panic attack in her cell, but Shea helps calm her down with breathing exercises. Back in present, Alex repeats the same exercise with Machine-Head after they have a freak-out. They realize that Machine-Head needs insulin. They decide to steal from a clinic, approaching it in the distance. An officer finds their stolen car; after he reports it, Mr. Crimson appears.
  • On the Run: Flashback to Labrats escaping Osworth, ending with Shea being killed by Mr. Crimson (after she tells Alex to run). The clinic robbery ends with the police showing up, only for Mr. Crimson to show up and toss them aside. Alex, enraged, tells the others to run — she takes on Mr. Crimson, but is outclassed (he's far angrier, and has no friends to hold him back). Her friends grab her. They run.
  • Time: We open with the text prompt we used previously (simplified, reduced). Alex wakes up to find herself in the back of a pickup truck, still recovering. They hitched a ride with an old man who they've (apparently) told the truth (adding in that they're superheroes on the run, like in the news). They arrive at his cabin, where they relax while Alex recovers. Machine-Head and Sunny have their moment. During dinner, Seph laughs.
  • The Great Gig in the Sky: It's been a day. Alex wakes up from a dream where Shea kisses her. She starts to have a panic attack, but forces a bolt of lightning out instead — lighting the bed on fire. The old man arrives, she apologizes and they clean up. It comes up that the others want to have a funeral for Shea, but Alex isn't going to attend. She points out a funeral won't bring her back. The old man points out funerals aren't for the dead, they're for the living — and the living need her. He leaves, and she finally breaks down and cries, hugging her pillow. When the others have their funeral, she reluctantly arrives and states that she blames herself for Shea's death. There are hugs. And then? Mr. Crimson arrives.
  • Money: Files on all five of the labrats and Mr. Crimson. Supplemental materials. Mentions of Project Eclipse. Mercer's email.
  • Us and Them: Duck pond. This time, Mr. Crimson brought friends. The old man holds off Mr. Crimson while the others fight off Quietus and run. Mr. Crimson recognizes the old man, but tells him that he can't die; he's protected by a prophecy. The old man tells him that prophecies are always a load of horseshit. The kids are about to be killed by Quietus, but time suddenly stops — they find the old man's truck with a note telling them to leave.
  • Any Colour You Like: Flashback to Mr. Crimson's past, and how he received his curse/prophecy. In present-day, Mr. Crimson has survived his conflict with the old man, but is clearly injured; the old man's fate is left ambiguous. Mr. Crimson receives a call from someone, who informs him the labrats are on their way to the Philadelphia Public Library. The labrats arrive at a toll outside of Philadelphia, where the car breaks down. Rather than paying the toll, they give the keys to the attendant and move on foot.
  • Brain Damage:
  • Eclipse:

Part II: Escalation

In which the Labrats master their abilities and discover a deeper conflict.

Part III: Apotheosis

In which


Center of Attention

You can force anyone or anything targeting someone or something to target you, instead.

The Labrats

Alex Powers

THEME: Ready to Die
STAND: 「Jumpin Jack Flash

GOAL: Protect her family at any cost.
LIE: That she's stronger on her own — and that she cannot afford to grieve.
TRUTH: Her family — and her ability to grieve — makes her stronger.

Alex is the de facto leader of the team. She's a 'Bloomer', gaining her anomalous nature from SCP-3396. She's fierce, head-strong, and angry — after Shea's death, she's never permitted herself to properly mourn.

Her power permits her to channel tremendous amounts of electrical and electromagnetic energy through her body, and even (in the most extreme cases) become electricity. It's linked to her emotional state; right now, her anger intensifies the effect.


ALIGNMENT: TypeError: unhashable type ('ALIGNMENT')
CLASS: object
STAND: 「The Unified Field


The Machine

CLASS: Robot
THEME: Real Good Feeling (Oh The Larceny)
STAND: 「Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Far Out Remix)


ALIGNMENT: Neutral Evil
CLASS: Pokémon (water type)
THEME: Gasoline (Halsey)
STAND: 「Calamari Inkantation

Suryanshu "Sunny" Choudary

ALIGNMENT: Neutral Good
CLASS: Paladin (5th Edition)
THEME: Safe and Sound (Capital Cities)
STAND: 「Shine On You Crazy Diamond


Robert Malthus

ALIGNMENT: Lawful Lawful
CLASS: Soldier
THEME: War Pigs (Black Sabbath)
STAND: 「Hey Man Nice Shot

Mr. Crimson

ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Evil
CLASS: Berzerker
THEME: I Can't Decide (Scissor Sisters)
STAND: 「Court of the Crimson King



GOC flag-bearer


Fantomas-style villain (using tons of anomalous objects)

Relevant Articles


[SCP-028] - Knowledge: A space that grants you knowledge (sometimes anomalous).
[SCP-040] - Evolution's Child: An 8-year old girl who can modify/transform living flesh, but the result always has the intelligence of house-pets. Implied to have been part of an experiment (Mr. Green?).
[SCP-054] - Water Nymph: A living volume of water.
[SCP-058] - Heart of Darkness: A nasty monster that's basically a beating, murderous heart (that spews gibberish).
[SCP-060] - Infernal Occult Skeleton: Produced via burning white oak trees. Linked to Johnathan Corhill.
[SCP-070] - Iron Wings: Iron wings and chains connected to the back of a Native American.
[SCP-110] - Subterranean City: Implied to be a subterranean city from the future? With the Foundation having contained something there?
[SCP-143] - The Bladewood Grove: A grove of trees (similar to Japanese cherry blossoms) with incredibly dense wood and incredibly sharp petals. Used for armor and other materials.
[SCP-148] - The "Telekill" Alloy: An alloy that blocks telepathic/mental powers, but also degrades thought within its area of effect.
[SCP-150] - Ship of Theseus: A parasite that replaces your nervous system and other body parts. Implied telepathic link with the insect colony that replaces your brain.
[SCP-158] - Soul Extractor: A mechanical arm that removes people's 'souls' — or re-inserts them.
[SCP-165] - The Creeping, Hungry Sands of Thule: Sand/insect creatures that consume everything, appearing as dunes of sand.
[SCP-172] - The Gearman: Man with gears in his brain. Wholly synthetic/mechanical being.
[SCP-186] - To End All Wars: Mátyás Nemeş and Dr. Jean Durand's horrifying WW1 super-weapons.
[SCP-201] - Empty World: A dead, empty world.
[SCP-203] - Tortured Iron Soul: An old-school 'robotic' man with a weaponized sound that causes deadly seizures. No jaw, digitrade, kind of cenobite-ish.
[SCP-212] - The Improver: Three mechanical arms that permit mechanical improvements to organic beings.
[SCP-217] - The Clockwork Virus: What it says on the tin!
[SCP-232] - Jack Proton's Atomic Zapper: A toy ray-gun that convinces you that you are part of a sci-fi universe (presuming you've consumed fiction about that universe previously).
[SCP-262] - A Coat of Many Arms: A coat of, well, multiple arms. Linked to the Administrator.
[SCP-291] - Disassembler/Reassembler: A building that permits the disassembly/reassembly of human beings. Allows for brain-swaps.
[SCP-347] - The Invisible Woman: Pretty much exactly what it says on the tin.
[SCP-353] - Vector: A 'supervillain' with the ability to modify/manipulate diseases.
[SCP-370] - A Key: Need to review.
[SCP-431] - Dr. Gideon: A researcher who no longer exists.
[SCP-500] - Panacea: Pills that can cure anything.
[SCP-542] - Herr Chirurg: Frankenstein Monster that replaces his body parts with other people's parts.
[SCP-610] - Flesh that Hates: An area of horrible spreading flesh-monster.
[SCP-811] - Swamp Woman: A girl that's basically a fish lady thing.
[SCP-1678] - UnLondon: A sinister replica of London located 1 km underneath the real London.
[SCP-1914] - Refurbished Infantry Personnel: A man turned into a partial WW1 cyborg. Prometheus Labs link implied.
[SCP-2000] - Deus Ex Machina: Reset the universe.
[SCP-2264] - In the Court of Alagadda: An accessible dream-world? Need to review.
[SCP-2501] - The Claw: A robot claw that lets you manipulate objects as if they were directly in front of you.
[SCP-3033] - A Human Weapon: Augmented humans turned into drones/weapons.
[SCP-3396] - Empyrean Parasite: The Bloom that grants people powers (bloomers).
[SCP-3589] - Second Amendment: Armando Rivera, a man who grows extra arms.
[SCP-3731] - Normality Will Be Protected: The Bloom has gotten out of hand.
[SCP-3794] - Salsa Hammer: Hammer that changes organic material into salsa when it hits.
[SCP-3840] - We Stand On Guard For Thee: Primarily here for the 'parawatch' reference.


[Olympia Project]: Olympia Project overview.
[SCP-784-ARC] - Posthuman Brain: A nanomachine colony connected to a brain produced by [SCP-212].
[The Cool War]
[Stealing Solidarity]
[15 - Ms. Sweetie]
[End] (Mr. Redd)
[Little Mister Pages]
[Apotheosis Hub]
[The Shape of a Gun]
[A Farewell to Arms]

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