Empyrean Age Notes

The Age of Gallantry (1800s — 1920s)

  • 1814: Several prominent owners of cabinets of curiosities along with numerous adventurers, thinkers, and explorers throughout the West form a secret group called the Gallant Society (emerging in the wake of the Lunar Society's collapse). They discover and document 'enigmas' (phenomenon, people, places, and objects which defied conventional scientific knowledge).
  • 1865, April 14th: Abraham Lincoln is assassinated in Ford's Theater; back in his office, legislation ratifying the creation of a 'Secret Service Division' of the Department of Treasury sits on his desk, signed and awaiting ratification. On the surface, this division exists to deal with counterfeit bills — but in actuality, it paves the way for a second, far more arcane and clandestine organization: The American Supernatural Containment Initiative.

The Golden Age (1920s — 1950s)

  • 1938: The remainder of the waning Chicago Spirit's assets are bought up by Marshall, Carter, and Dark. This includes the contents of Richard Chappell's "Black Vault".
  • 1950: The Gallant Society uses a powerful antimemetic effect to wipe themselves from history to avoid being hunted by the UIU in the wake of McCarthyism.

The Silver Age (1950s — 1970s)

The Bronze Age (1970s - 1985)

The Modern Age (1985+)

Random Notes

  • 'Bloomers', 'Bloombabies', or 'Blooming'; reference to the 'Blue'.
  • New form of Internet that has become all-pervasive, based on 'growths' of bloomer extending outward combined with Foundation paratech (?). The ParaNet.
    • Might be based on psionics/psiads/psions.
  • The Machine (Erzatz Type 5)
  • Empyrean (emergence marks public awareness of 'bloomers')
  • The Husk (Overseer 12? Has tried to stop this a thousand times over; the narrowing path through history).
  • "Skells", short for "exoskeletons", the mechs used by the GOC (?) — which are just powered suits that increase strength. Look at Edge of Tomorrow for inspiration.
  • Artificial Cells, or synthetic cells. Interesting science, interesting nanotechnology analog.

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